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It's file_bd actually.

Testing matrix for HelenOS 0.4.3

Sanity SMP Network FS Devman
amd64 OK OK OK, #325 OK OK
arm32/testarm OK, #114 N/A OK OK OK
arm32/icp OK N/A OK OK OK
arm32/gta02 OK, #114? N/A OK OK
ia32 OK OK OK, #325 OK OK
ia64/ski OK, #114 N/A OK OK OK
ia64/i460GX OK, #114 N/A OK OK OK
mips32/testmips OK N/A OK OK OK
mips32/msim OK, #318 OK OK #114
ppc32 —, #243 —, #243 —, #243 —, #243 —, #243
sparc64/ultra OK OK, #114 OK OK OK
sparc64/serengeti OK OK N/A OK N/A
sparc64/niagara —, #324, #297 —, #324 —, #324 —, #324 —, #324
Works reasonably well, perhaps in combination with other remarks.
Not applicable.
Not tested.
kconsole test * and tester *, whether system started up and basic command work
Same as above, but in SMP mode.
Does network start up successfully? Does local ping work and local nettest[12] work? If applicable, can communicate using UDP/TCP from outside?
Create 2M file on /tmp/img, file_bd img fbd0, mkfat fbd0, mount fat /data fbd0, copy some stuff to /data, do something with it, unmount, see it's not there, mount again and verify the contents is there again.
Run devman and notice if everything was ok. Run tester virtchar1.
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