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Version 32 (modified by Jakub Jermář, 12 years ago) (diff)

Remove some abandoned / merged branches from the list.

Publicly Accessible HelenOS Repositories

If you are a HelenOS developer and you have one or more HelenOS Bazaar branches which are publicly accessible (for reading), please add them to the table below, along with a short one-line description.

URI Owner Description
bzr:// Official HelenOS repository (contains the mainline).
lp:~tomas-brambora/helenos/checkpoint Tomas Brambora Task checkpointing
lp:~ersin/helenos/measure2 Stanislav Kozina Statistics and measurements
lp:~helenos-dd/helenos/dd Lenka Trochtova Device drivers interface in HelenOS system
lp:~jsvoboda/helenos/ata Jiri Svoboda Improving the ATA disk driver
lp:~jsvoboda/helenos/bd Jiri Svoboda Block layer (block device drivers, partitioning)
lp:~jsvoboda/helenos/gta02 Jiri Svoboda Openmoko GTA02 (Neo FreeRunner) platform port
lp:~jsvoboda/helenos/tracing Jiri Svoboda Debugging and tracing (debugger)
lp:~jsvoboda/helenos/taskdump Jiri Svoboda Task dumps
lp:~jsvoboda/helenos/dynload Jiri Svoboda Dynamic linking
lp:~jsvoboda/helenos/sysel Jiri Svoboda Sysel integration branch
lp:~rimskyp/helenos/gui Pavel Rimsky Simple GUI system
lp:~jakub/helenos/fs Jakub Jermar File system development branch
lp:~jakub/helenos/net Jakub Jermar Networking code emancipation branch
lp:~jakub/helenos/ia64-revival Jakub Jermar The ia64 revival branch.
lp:~jakub/helenos/upa Jakub Jermar Unified Panic Architecture.
lp:~jiri-tlach/helenos/nommu Jiri Tlach Support for MMU-less operation.
lp:~martin-decky/helenos/mm Martin Decky Extended memory management overhaul (wrt. #3).
lp:~vojtech-horky/helenos/numa Vojtech Horky NUMA support.
lp:~frantisek-princ/helenos/ext4 Frantisek Princ Driver for ext4 filesystem.

HelenOS branches at Launchpad

How to register a branch at Launchpad

Register an account at launchpad, then follow their instructions to upload an SSH key. Go to the HelenOS branches project and click on Register a branch. Select yourself as the owner and hosted as the branch type. Launchpad will then give you instructions how to push into the branch. Alternatively, if you want to allow others to push into the branch, you can register it as being owned by a team (either an existing one, such as HelenOS Core, or ask Jakub to create a new team, if needed).