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Files in overlay

HelenOS Release Process

Preparing the Release Files

  • Use the script tools/ to generate the release files
  • Make sure your overlay/ directory is empty - otherwise they will be included! Ideally create a fresh clone of the source tree.
  • This script requires the environment variable CROSS_PREFIX to point to cross-toolchains for all architectures
  • Ideally all the cross-toolchains should be up to date (i.e. built using latest version of


  • Test boot images produced by release script
    • at the very least test all that can be emulated
    • each image should boot up correctly
    • ideally ieach image should run kernel tests (# kcon / test * to completion
    • note / create tickets for any issues found
  • Run all unit tests
    • unit test failure need not be a stopper for release
    • note / create tickets for any issues found

Release notes

  • Go through SCM logs and make sure Release Notes are complete and up to date
  • If required, consult with enhancement authors
  • Note any serious issues in this release (e.g. some platform not working)


If appropriate, update screenshots

Ticket triage

  • Triage bugs that are new or marked as targeted for this release
  • If not considered a stopper, retarget tickets

What's new screencast

  • Ideally a What's new screencast should be prepared

Bumping the version

Uploading the release files

  • The release files should be uploaded to
  • Links to the release files to be added to Download page
  • Link to the latest ia-32 image to be added to the About page (main page)
  • Add a release to including a short description and binary release files

Spreading the word