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Release Notes for HelenOS Trunk

Note: This document is a draft describing a future HelenOS release and is subject to change. The software described here has not been released yet. To get these latest and greatest features now, check out our Bazaar head. (But you will also get the latest bugs).

HelenOS version (codename) was released on date.

This document contains a summary of changes made to HelenOS since release 0.4.1.

Special Notes for this Release


Features Introduced in This Release


  • The project switched to Bazaar VCS.
  • The ia32 port can be run in VirtualBox again.
  • Experimental support for building using Clang.


  • Item

Services and Drivers

  • ATA Disk Driver
    • Now works with real disks and supports 48-bit LBA.
  • Added MBR and GUID partition table drivers.
  • Re-introduced mouse driver as a separate server.
    • Only PS/2 mouse supported at the moment.
  • Clipboard service

File Systems

  • Improved I/O error handling.
  • The FAT file system is now more robust against malformed on-disk file system data.
  • The DEVFS file system now understands device namespaces and moves to hierarchical directory structure.


  • New Text Editor
    • Added edit, a simple text editor.
  • Bdsh
    • Improved command input (text seek, history, copy and paste)
    • mkfile command for creating zero-filled files (e.g. disk images)
  • Tool for creating FAT file systems, mkfat


  • Build system
    • Parallel builds are now supported.
  • Spawned task now inherits the current working directory from the spawner task.
  • Stack traces
    • Upon a failed assertion the failing application will print a stack trace (all architectures except ia64 and mips32).
    • When the kernel kills a task, it will print its stack trace (all architectures except ia64, mips32, ppc32 and sparc64).
    • When the kernel panics, it will print a stack trace (all architectures except ia64, mips32, ppc32 and sparc64).

Regressions in This Release

  • Item
    • Description

Known Bugs

  • For the known bugs, please see the list of defects logged for the next releases.