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Release Notes for HelenOS mainline

Note: This document is a draft describing a future HelenOS release and is subject to change. The software described here has not been released yet. To get these latest and greatest features now, check out our Git master. (But you will also get the latest bugs).

HelenOS version (codename) was released on date.

This document contains a summary of changes made to HelenOS since release previous release.

Special Notes for this Release

Features Introduced in This Release



User Interface

Services and Drivers

  • ATA/ATAPI disk driver
    • Allow transferring more than one block in a single I/O operation
    • Added IRQ support
    • Generic ATA code factored out to new libata library
    • Renamed from ata_bd to isa-ide
  • Added PCI IDE disk driver
    • Supports DMA (much faster in virtualization/emulation than PIO)

File Systems



  • HelenOS benchmark tool (hbench)
    • Added random disk read (rand_read) benchmark
    • Added sequential disk read (seq_read) benchmark
  • Fixed mkfat to correctly set volume label on FAT32


  • Device driver library (libdrv)
    • Driver can now specify argument to IRQ handler
      • To help distinguish between different interrupts on the same device
  • Internet library (libinet)
    • Fixed bug where most IPv6 addresses failed to parse
  • Dynamic linker
    • Main executable's relocations are now processed last
  • Disk label library (liblabel)
    • Fixed GUID encoding in GPT labels (use MS encoding instead of RFC 4122)
  • Disk management library (libfdisk)
    • Fixed deletion of partitions that are currently mounted


Regressions in This Release

  • For the list of regressions since the previous release, see this report.
  • Notable regressions

Fixed Logged Bugs & Enhancements

  • For the list of all logged defects fixed in this release, see this report.
  • For the list of all logged enhancements integrated in this release, see this report.

Known Bugs

  • For the list of known bugs still not fixed in this release, see this report.
  • For the list of all open tickets, see this report.

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