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Jiri Svoboda

Ccheck, GZX, /srv, perf


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    v85 v86  
    5454 * [ GZX], a ZX Spectrum emulator
    5555   * Experimental HelenOS support in upstream since January 2018
    56  * {{{tester ping_pong}}} benchmark now computes average and standard deviation across multiple runs
     56   * Now available via a harbour/package ({{{pkg install gzx}}})
     57 * [ Ccheck], C-style checker used to check HelenOS code ported to HelenOS
     58   * Available via harour/package ({{{pkg install sycek}}})tt
     59 * {{{perf}}} is a new tool collecting several simple benchmarks
     60   * {{{perf ns_ping}}} moved from {{{tester ping_pong}}} now computes average and standard deviation across multiple runs
     61   * {{{perf ping_pong}}} IPC ping-pong benchmark using new dedicated IPC test server
     62   * {{{perf malloc1}}}, {{{perf malloc2}}} two simple user-space memory allocator benchmarks
    5763 * {{{contacts}}} is a trivial interactive utility to demonstrate the use of SIF
    7076 * Further work on reviving [ Doxygen Reference]
    7177 * Init data is now stored as a tar archive of gzip-compressed files
    72  * Server binaries under {{{/srv}}} are now in sub-directories
     78 * Server binaries under {{{/srv}}} are now in sub-directories (and /srv is no longer a search dir for commands)
    7379 * Init data can now be configured to be uncompressed (used by default ont GTA02 and ski) for faster boot
    7480 * Can compile with undefined behavior sanitizer in either kernel, user space or both