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Changes between Version 129 and Version 130 of ReleaseNotes/Mainline

2021-03-16T00:27:25Z (17 months ago)
Jiri Svoboda

Thought I'd mention Helena afterall


  • ReleaseNotes/Mainline

    v129 v130  
    4545  * GUI applications no longer require specifying display service as the first argument (it is optional)
    4646  * Calculator (formerly vcalc) has a more standard button layout and can be controlled by the keyboard
     47  * Calculator can be run in console mode (experimental, {{{calculator -d cons@}}})
    4748  * Viewer fullscreen mode is now activated by passing {{{-f}}} (previously image had to be the size of the screen)
    4849  * GFX Demo
    5152    * Very simplistic editor, does not have proper UI yet
    5253    * Used to create proportional font for the UI
     54  * Split UI Demo and Hello World
     55    * UI Demo (start from launcher) demonstrates all UI elements
     56    * Hello World (/app/hello) is a minimalist UI application
    5357  * Mostly fixed {{{/app/trace}}} (but still sometimes does not terminate correctly)
    5458  * Bdsh {{{alias}}} command
    6569  * Libui
    6670    * New user interface library based on GFX
    67     * Uses proportional font
     71    * Uses proportional font (Helena typeface)
     72    * Added check box, radio button, slider UI controls
     73    * Text mode support (WIP)
    6874    * Removed libgui, libdraw, libsoftrend
    6975  * Libgfxfont