Libc / libposix TO DO list

Missing in libc

  • float.h in libposix, but probably needs work
  • fenv.h in libposix, but probably needs work
  • inttypes.h missing wcstoimax, wcstoumax
  • locale.h in libposix, but might need some work
  • math.h is in libmath
  • signal.h is in libposix, but need only subset
  • stdio.h fputwc should go to wchar.h
  • stdlib.h atof+strtof+strtod+strtold (in libposix), mblen+mbtowc+wctomb+mbstowcs+wcstombs (!_HELENOS_SOURCE)
  • tgmath.h
  • time.h probably needs cleanup
  • wchar.h missing all functions (!_HELENOS_SOURCE)
  • wctype.h (!_HELENOS_SOURCE)
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