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Our Lab

This page lists the hardware which is available for testing HelenOS and is within the reach of some HelenOS developer. For hardware which we don't have, but would like to have, please go to our Wanted page.

Per processor architecture

Architecture Product name HelenOS contact Current status Working release Comments
amd64/ia32 AMD Phenom Triple, ASUSTeK M3N WS, 2GiB RAM MD bullet_grey.gif unknown r996 #248, (2)
amd64/ia32 Apple Mac Mini (Mid 2011), 4GiB RAM MD bullet_grey.gif unknown r1308 #248
amd64/ia32 Apple Mac Pro 4.1 (Early 2009), 3GiB RAM MD bullet_grey.gif unknown r992 #248, (4)
amd64/ia32 Intel Core 2 Quad (2x), Intel S5000XVNSATAR, 4GiB RAM MD bullet_green.gif working r1585
amd64/ia32 ThinkPad X220, 4GiB RAM JJ bullet_green.gif working r1490
arm32 Neo FreeRunner, 128MiB RAM JS, JJ, VP bullet_green.gif working r1489 HelenOS on Neo FreeRunner
arm32 HP iPAQ H5500 MD bullet_black.gif unsupported
arm32 Raspberry Pi MD bullet_black.gif unsupported
ia32 ThinkPad T60, 1GiB RAM MD bullet_green.gif working r1560
ia32 Intel Pentium 4 (HT), 1GiB RAM JJ bullet_grey.gif unknown 0.2.0
ia32 Intel Pentium Dual-Core CPU E5200, Fujitsu Esprimo P2540, 3GiB RAM JJ bullet_grey.gif unknown ? (2)
ia32 AMD Phenom II X6 1090T, 8GiB RAM JJ bullet_grey.gif unknown ?
ia64 Dell PowerEdge 3250, 4GiB RAM JJ, JV bullet_grey.gif unknown 0.4.0 (4), Service Tag: CMN8W31, lshw -numeric, lsusb -v
ia64 Dell PowerEdge 7150, 4GiB RAM MD bullet_yellow.gif partially working r1560 (1)
mips32 Ben NanoNote, 16MiB RAM MD bullet_black.gif unsupported
mips64 Sgi Octane (IP30), 256MiB RAM MD bullet_black.gif unsupported
mips64 Lemote Fuloong, 256MiB RAM MD bullet_black.gif unsupported
ppc32 Apple iMac G4 (Flat Panel), 384MiB RAM MD bullet_green.gif working r1582 (4)
ppc64 Apple iMac G5 (Ambient Light Sensor), 768MiB RAM MD bullet_black.gif unsupported
sparc32 LEON3 on Hpe-mini LEC2 FPGA board, 256MiB RAM MD bullet_black.gif unsupported
sparc64 Sun Ultra 60, 256MiB RAM MD bullet_green.gif working r1582
sparc64 Sun Ultra 5, 128MiB RAM JJ bullet_grey.gif unknown r1046
sparc64 Sun Ultra 60, 2048MiB RAM JJ bullet_yellow.gif partially working r1536 (5) (6), #4
sparc64 Sun SPARC Enterprise T1000, 4GiB RAM MD bullet_grey.gif unknown 0.4.2 #324, prtconf -pv
sparc64 Sun Fire V100, 256MiB RAM JJ bullet_black.gif unsupported
sparc64 Sun Fire V120, 256MiB RAM MD bullet_black.gif unsupported
sparc64 Sun Fire V240, 512MiB RAM JJ bullet_black.gif unsupported


  1. PS/2 keyboard input not working.
  2. Too slow clock in absence of any load. When multiple tester loop1 instances ran, clock seemed to be OK.
  3. Boots OK, but unusable due to USB-only HID.
  4. Loader detected only 1024MiB of memory when in reality the system has 2048MiB
  5. When the system has two graphic cards, the last message printed by loader is Setting up screens…; if only one graphic card is present, the system boot fine

Legend of the Working release field

  • revision = HelenOS is being regularly tested on the given machine as part of the current development efforts, thus the machine should be supported in the next stable release. The latest mainline Bazaar revision should be appended in the brackets.
  • none = HelenOS was never actually tested on the given machine, but it is reasonable to believe that the probability of HelenOS working flawlessly on the machine is high (due to similarity to other supported machines).
  • unsupported = The given machine is currently unsupported because of some fundamental reason (i.e. the hardware architecture is out of the scope of the current HelenOS development efforts).
  • specific version = HelenOS did support the given machine in the past, but the support has been since broken, usually due to some fundamental changes which were not debugged on the given machine so far.

Legend of the Current status field

  • working (bullet_green.gif) = Almost all features of the indicated release are supported on the machine.
  • partially working (bullet_yellow.gif) = The indicated release is more-or-less supported on the machine, but with some glitches or limitations indicated.
  • unknown (bullet_grey.gif) = The machine was working in the release indicated, but it has not been tested for a while.
  • not working (bullet_red.gif) = Although the machine should be supported, it has some major problems.
  • empty status (bullet_black.gif) = Unsupported machine.
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