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Our lab

This page lists the hardware which is available for testing HelenOS and is within the reach of some HelenOS developer.

Per processor architecture

Architecture Product name HelenOS contact Last release tested Pointer to documentation Comments
amd64/ia32 Acer Ferrari 3400 JJ 0.2.0 Ferrari 3400 Series Specifications
amd64/ia32 Intel Core 2 Quad (dual) MD mainline
arm32 Neo FreeRunner JS, JJ, VP unsupported HelenOS + FreeRunner dev. information
ia32 IBM ThinkPad T60 MD mainline Technical Specifications
ia64 Dell PowerEdge 3250 JJ, JV 0.4.0 Manuals Service Tag: CMN8W31
ia64 Dell PowerEdge 7150 MD unsupported
ppc32 Apple iBook G4 JJ 0.4.1 iBook G4 (Mid 2005) - Technical Specifications Currently temporarily bricked due to a stuck DVD
ppc32 Apple iMac G4 MD 0.4.1 iMac G4 (Flat Panel) - Technical Specifications
sparc64 Sun Ultra 60 JJ, MD 0.4.2 Sun Ultra 60 Workstation Documentation
sparc64 Sun Enterprise T1000 MD mainline

Per device