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Changes between Version 8 and Version 9 of HowToFileABug

2010-07-28T08:52:53Z (11 years ago)
Jakub Jermář


  • HowToFileABug

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    3030        * Building with native toolchain is strongly discouraged. Please make sure that the bug is still reproducible using the supported toolchain before filing the bug. If you really think that logging a bug which is only reproducible with the native toolchain is justifiable, then please state versions of the used compiler, assembler and linker.
    3131    * If there is a stack trace associated with the bug, paste it into the bug report
     32      * Compressing and attaching a screenshot with the stack trace (and other messages) may be an option if the stack trace cannot be easily copied and pasted
    3233      * In case there is a core dump generated for a crashing task, compress it and attach it to the ticket
    3334      * Alternatively, attach the compressed binary itself (kernel.raw or the respective uspace binary). Note that attaching .disasm files is problematic as these files are usually much bigger than the respective binaries themselves (even when compressed)