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    33As in any other complex software system, there will inevitably be bugs in the HelenOS source code (unless we can formally prove the opposite). It is therefore essential for people who run into them to make sure the bug is actually known to the developers and that all potentially relevant information that can help to root-cause the bug is available. This is best achieved by filing a ticket in our bug tracking database. Below follows a list of tips for filing the most useful bug reports:
     5  * Check the existing tickets to see whether the problem you are going to log is a new bug or a duplicate of an already known issue
     6    * For duplicates, you can try to improve the original bug report by providing additional information
     7    * For new bugs, continue with the following points.
    59  * Pick a descriptive ```Synopsis```
    610    * '''bad''': ''HelenOS is broken''
    711    * '''good''': ''page_ht_lock mutex taken while tlblock spinlock held''
     12  * Try to avoid creating multi-tickets
     13    * '''bad''': ''Fix problem XYZ on amd64, arm32, ia32, ia64, mips32, ppc32 and sparc64''
     14    * Instead, consider filing separate tickets for all the above architectures. This will make it easier to track progress on each architecture separately.
    815  * Categorize the new bug using fitting ```Type```, ```Component``` and ```Version``` fields
    916  * In the first comment section, provide a concise and complete problem statement