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Changes between Version 22 and Version 23 of HowToContribute

2017-03-23T17:11:48Z (6 years ago)
Jakub Jermář

Improve tips for submitting patches and sending them to the ML


  • HowToContribute

    v22 v23  
    2828If you have a simple change that you would like us to push to the mainline, you can submit it in the form of a ''patch''. To submit your work as a patch, please follow these rules:
    29  * Always use unified diff format (bzr diff, diff -u)
    30  * Always send the patch to [ HelenOS-devel]
     29 * Please avoid describing the patch manually (e.g. "this piece of code is to be inserted at line XYZ of file ABC") and use proper tools and formats as explained below.
     30 * Always use unified diff format, as produced by running either `bzr diff` or `diff -u`.
     31 * Always send the patch to [ HelenOS-devel]. Note that the mailing list is moderated, so make sure you are subscribed to it first or your message will be held up for moderation.
    3132 * Specifically, do not just attach the patch to a ticket as most developers won't be made aware of it
    3233 * Send the patch as an attachment. Inline patches will get broken by the MTAs.