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Submitting patches


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    1919Now that you know what to do, you should go and create your private [wiki:BazaarWorkflow Bazaar branch] of HelenOS. This is essential so that we can later merge your changes together with your initials in the development history of the branch. During the coding phase, keep in mind that we will require your changes to meet our coding style standards. It will happen to you from time to time that you will need to consult something with the other people from the project. Don't be shy and feel free to discuss things with us either in the mailing list or on IRC. For example, you can create a merge directive in Bazaar and send it to the mailing list for code review. Make smaller, logically related changesets rather than one huge changeset. Make sure that each changeset is accompanied by a clear commit message in English.
     21== Submitting patches ==
     23If you have a simple change that you would like us to push to the mainline, you can submit it in the form of a ''patch''. To submit your work as a patch, please follow these rules:
     24 * Always use unified diff format (bzr diff, diff -u)
     25 * Always send the patch to the ''development mailing list''
     26 * Specifically, do not just attach the patch to a ticket as most developers won't be made aware of it
     27 * Send the patch as an attachment. Inline patches will get broken by the MTAs.
     28 * Choose a [ Bazaar identity] and include it in the message so we can correctly attribute you with `--author`
     30Alternatively you can provide us with a pointer to a public Bazaar branch (e.g. on [ Launchpad]) from where we can pick the changes.
    2132== Compiling the system ==