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Changes between Version 30 and Version 31 of FAQ

2016-01-08T14:40:01Z (6 years ago)
Martin Decky

improve comparison to Genode


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    6666=== How is HelenOS different from Genode? ===
    68 Genode is an operating system framework which makes it easy to reuse diverse third-party components in a multi-server environment.
     68[ Genode] is an operating system component framework which makes it easy to reuse diverse third-party components in a multiserver environment. It supports the combination of several different microkernels (and even monolithic kernels such as Linux) with various original and wrapped user space components (e.g. foreign device drivers wrapped by a DDE layer or a rump kernel). The granularity of the user space component is varying, from fine grained to monolithic components. Of course, not all theoretical combinations of components works in Genode and also the feature set can differ. Genode strongly focuses on fair resource accountability of the components.
     70Compared to this, HelenOS is a coherent combination of a single portable microkernel and a multiplatform userland designed and built natively for it from fine-grained components. We strongly prefer designing and implementing our own components to importing foreign components from other systems and wrapping them into bloated compatibility layers, especially when dealing with the critical core components of the operating system. HelenOS supports basic resource accounting, but currently not so elaborate as in the case of Genode. There is an ongoing effort to make some of the HelenOS components (especially the SPARTAN kernel of HelenOS) usable as a Genode component.
    7072== Advocacy-related Questions ==