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Changes between Version 12 and Version 13 of DiffFromUnix

2013-03-28T16:03:58Z (9 years ago)
Jakub Jermář


  • DiffFromUnix

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    5656Linux is already moving away from X and no, HelenOS won't have X. We have our own compositing display server, just as Linux will probably have in the near future.
    58 == No legacy interfaces burden ==
     58== No legacy API burden ==
    6060POSIX still contains a lot of old interfaces that are sometimes known to be broken in certain ways. Many interfaces such as `ctime()` are not thread-safe so the standard defines a fixed thread-safe interface suffixed with `_r()`. Other interfaces are dangerous to use because they make potentially space-unconstrained modifications to a buffer, for example `gets()` or `strcpy()`. There are interfaces intended to fix some of these issues, for example `strncpy()`, but unfortunately they turn out to be dangerous or at least problematic to use just as the original interface was. Even though it comes with a limited compatibility library, HelenOS does not have to be compatible with all this brain-damaged and insecure stuff. The HelenOS native `libc` does not provide any of these (or it is a bug). Instead, it attempts to learn from the mistakes of others and provides new clean interfaces where applicable.
     62== Universal character set only ==
     64HelenOS uses the Universal Character Set or UCS (as defined by ISO/IEC 10646) for representing characters throughout the system. This is in contrast to the common UNIX system where characters are encoded using ASCII or some language-specific extension thereof.