Comparison of ARM Cortex-A series CPU cores

This page serves as a quick reference for the differences between different armv7a Cortex-A cores that are relevant for software support implementation. The cores are ordered left to right in order of release date.


Core A8 A9 A5 A15 A7 A12 A17
Instruction set Thumb-2, ThumbEE, security extensions, NEON, VFPv3
L1 cache icache IVIPT, dcache PIPT, 64B lines, 4-way set associative, 16kB or 32kB
L2 cache unified PIPT, internal, 64B lines, 8-way set associative, up to 1MB, parity, ECC, PLE
TLB separate, 32 entries each
BP "dynamic branch prediction with branch target address cache, global history buffer, and 8-entry return stack"
notes all caches are normally invalidated on reset
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