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Changes between Version 4 and Version 5 of CodingTips

2018-02-24T20:07:10Z (12 months ago)
Jakub Jermář

Update for Git


  • CodingTips

    v4 v5  
    99    * Doxygen and regular comments
    1010 * Adhere to RCS rules from the very beginnning
    11     * Use Bazaar for revision control
     11    * Use Git for revision control
    1212    * Separate into reasonably-sized changesets
    13     * Changeset comments must be complete, descriptive English sentences, typically in infinitive/imperative tense
     13    * Make sure that each commit is accompanied by a commit message that follows the example below. The first line should be a short description of WHAT the commit does written in imperative mood. It should not exceed 50 columns of text width and the trailing period should be omitted. The next line should be empty. Optionally, you may provide additional paragraphs that explain WHY the change was made. The text should not exceed 72 columns of width. Note that some editors will help you follow these rules by text highlighting. The entire commit message must be written in English.
    15 Example: Fix DNS resolution not working due to missing local address.
    16 }}}
     15Make INTERFACE_LOC_SUPPLIER parallel
     17Location service sometimes needs to be able to process requests in
     18parallel in order to avoid deadlock.
    1821== Recommended coding practices ==