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Using clang for static analysis

LLVM/Clang comes with a static analyzer that can be used to generate web-based analysis reports for many bug categories.


Make sure the analyzer is installed on your system. On Fedora 24 the package is called clang-analyzer. Also make sure you have web browser installed.

Running the analysis

Configure HelenOS for e.g. amd64 and in the HelenOS source root directory run the following command:

$ scan-build make PROFILE=amd64

This should kick off the static analysis process and result in a message like the following:

scan-build: 121 bugs found.
scan-build: Run 'scan-view /tmp/scan-build-2016-07-18-210821-13060-1' to examine bug reports.

Inspecting the results

When the analysis run is finished, one can inspect the result by the following command (assuming the output above):

$ scan-view /tmp/scan-build-2016-07-18-210821-13060-1
Starting scan-view at:
  Use Ctrl-C to exit.
Created new window in existing browser session.

Now you should be able to inspect the results in your web browser:

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