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The HelenOS team operates with a small amount of money gained from participating in Google Summer of Code, possible donations, etc. So far, since the HelenOS team is not an official institution, organization nor foundation, this money is deposited on bank accounts of other institutions with some connection to HelenOS and it is at a disposal of a specific HelenOS core team member (who is usually employed by said institution).

Many institutions have some bureaucratic constrains on the purpose and means of spending of the money deposited. Most commonly, there is a soft requirement to spend any money the same year it was gained, if only possible. Therefore we organize Calls for Purchases which we use to enlist goods and services we would like to purchase for that money. After the deadline of each call, the HelenOS core team meritocratically decides on the priorities and how to spend the money available based on the proposals.

Generally speaking, the money should be used for the purchase of hardware for running or developing HelenOS, for conference fees and travel expenses for promoting HelenOS, etc. While we do not currently have a strict set of rules for spending the money, we should use common sense to avoid spending the money on purely personal endeavours and on anything unrelated to HelenOS. In case of a dispute, the team member who has the official entitlement from his/her institution to dispose with the money makes the final call.

1st Call for Purchases

Deadline: November 20th 2012

Proposal Amount (approx.) By whom
FOSDEM air ticket (MD) 160 EUR Martin Decky
FOSDEM air ticket (JJ) 160 EUR Jakub Jermar
FOSDEM air ticket (VH) 160 EUR Vojtech Horky
FOSDEM hotel (MD) 150 EUR Martin Decky
FOSDEM hotel (JJ) 150 EUR Jakub Jermar
FOSDEM hotel (VH) 150 EUR Vojtech Horky
Remote power switch for Jakub's lab (e.g. this one) 130 USD Jiri Svoboda
Promotional T-shirts. TBD Martin Decky
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