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HelenOS on BeagleBoard

Information pertaining to porting HelenOS to the BeagleBoard-xM single-board computer.


Supported models:

  • BeagleBoard-xM

The BeagleBoard-xM has been supported since HelenOS 0.6.0.

Serial Console

BeagleBoard has a female DB-9 connector, so one can plug a USB-serial adapter with male DB-9 connector straight to it, without any additional cabling (such as a laplink cable).

Comms settings: 115200 bd, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, disable hardware flow control.

Only kconsole can be used via the serial console, there is no user-space serial console.


The BeagleBoard can be either netbooted or booted over serial.

In either case, start by build HelenOS for the arm32/beagleboard target. This produces an uImage.bin binary. You need to use a microSD card with uBoot. uBoot will typically auto-boot from te SD card after a few seconds and you can press a key to interrupt and get a command line.

In order to boot over network, do:

U-Boot# dhcp
U-Boot# bootm

where is the IP address of the tftpboot server and /helenos/uImage.bin is the path to the HelenOS uboot image relative to the beginning of the tftpboot directory. }}}

Boot over serial takes much longer:

U-Boot# loady   # after this command, start sending the uImage.bin from the terminal program using the ymodem protocol
U-Boot# bootm

Display / keyboard

The BeagleBoard-xM has a PS/2 keyboard port, HDMI video output and USB. However, neither PS/2 nor USB is currently supported by HelenOS. TODO What is the state of kfb and amdm37x_dispc?

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  • bbxm1.jpg (271.3 KB) - added by Jiri Svoboda 4 days ago. BeagleBoard-xM connected to laptop via USB-serial cable and powered from the same laptop via USB-miniUSB cable
  • bbxm2.jpg (229.1 KB) - added by Jiri Svoboda 4 days ago. BeagleBoard-xM from the side showing serial (female DB-9) port, axial power port, miniUSB power port and microSD socket

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