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Algorithm for checking if it is safe to push.


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    9292The main repository would inherit the head of your feature branch as its head. Your feature branch would become the mainline and the repository's history will become confused. If you did this, well, '''shame on you'''! However, it can still be fixed to some extent by creating a new merge changeset which would merge the offending head into the mainline. (I.e., the right way around.) You should rather ask someone competent to do this. In any case it will produce some confusing changesets in the history.
     94== How do I know it is safe to push to the main repository? ==
     96In case you are wondering, there is one foolproof way to check that you can push from a repository ''A'' to the mainline. (It could be even automated on the client side.) First look at the log of the main repository and find the last changeset (the mainline head, ''H''). Now look at the log of repository ''A'' from which you would like to push. If it contains the mainline head ''H'' (use {{{bzr log --show-ids}}} and compare {{{revision-id}}}) (usually as the second changeset from the top), it is safe to push. If you do not see the mainline head, stop!
     98Normally you will know what repositories are safe to push because they are not diverged (the clone of the main repository) and which are not (your feature branches).
    94100== Conclusion ==