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The mips32 port was created by Jakub Jermar in 2003 by backporting his contributions to a students' kernel developed for the Operating systems course at MFF UK back to HelenOS. Ondrej Palkovsky later finished the port and improved it considerably.


The port is supported only on the GXemul simulator's testmips target and the msim simulator. At some point and to a limited extent, it used to run on SGI Indy workstation and the Simics malta model.

Supported hardware

Currently only the MIPS R4000 and MIPS 4KC family processors and virtual hardware present in the GXemul testmips machine and the msim simulator are supported.


  • msim R4000
  • GXemul R4000/R4400
  • Simics 4KC processor
  • QED R4600
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