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The ia64 port was originally created by Jakub Jermar in 2005. It is the first 64-bit port of HelenOS and initially ran only in the HP Ski simulator. In January 2007, Jakub Vana, as part of his master thesis, started to improve the port and delivered support for real hardware and multiprocessor machines.


The port is fully supported by the HelenOS team and supports the standard set of features offered by HelenOS. However, the hardware support is somewhat limited and the stability may not be as good as that of some more mature ports.

Supported hardware

In general, machines with the i460GX chipset are expected to work. This includes some machines with the Intel Itanium and Intel Itanium II processors. The Simics simulator contains an ia64 target with this chipset. Only legacy IO is currently supported. Multiprocessors are supported. The Ski simulator can be used to run HelenOS/ia64 too.


  • Intel Itanium
  • Intel Itanium II
  • HP Ski simulator CPU
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