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Changes between Initial Version and Version 1 of Arch/Ia32

2010-07-02T19:26:43Z (9 years ago)
Jakub Jermář

Copy the ia32 article from drupal.


  • Arch/Ia32

    v1 v1  
     1= HelenOS/ia32 =
     3== History ==
     5The ia32 port is the oldest port and was originally written by Jakub Jermar in 2001. It started as a semestral assignment for C/C++ programming course at MFF UK and gradually evolved during numerous other semestral assignments into the state in which it was first committed to our Subversion repository. Since then, the port was improved and maintained also by other members of the HelenOS team.
     7== Status ==
     9The port is fully supported by the HelenOS team and supports the standard set of features offered by HelenOS.
     12== Supported hardware ==
     14Common consumer PC's and servers with 32-bit x86 processors are supported. AMD64 and Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology processors are supported in 32-bit mode. Multiprocessor systems are supported. Besides real hardware, a variety of simulators and virtualizers can be used.
     16== Processors ==
     18 * Intel Pentium
     19 * Intel Pentium II
     20 * Intel Pentium III
     21 * Intel Pentium 4
     22 * Intel Xeon
     23 * Intel Core
     24 * Intel Core 2
     25 * AMD Athlon64
     26 * AMD Athlon XP