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The arm32 port was started by Pavel Jancik, Michal Kebrt and Petr Stepan in 2007 for the Operating systems course at MFF UK. It was merged into the trunk of our Subversion repository in the same year. Vineeth Pillai took over the development of this port in 2008 and in July 2009, he merged his bits into the trunk.


The port is supported on the GXemul simulator's ARM4 testarm target and the Qemu model of the Integrator/CP development board.

Supported hardware

Simulated only:

  • GXemul simulator's testarm target
  • Qemu model of the Integrator/CP development board (compatibility with a real Integrator/CP has not been verified so far)

Real hardware:


  • GXemul ARM4
  • ARM926EJ
  • Samsung S3C2442B (ARM920T core)
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