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21:21 Ticket #752 (hound crashes on a dual-CPU system) created by Jakub Jermář
When booted with multiple CPUs, the following hound crash is …


22:05 Ticket #751 (ppc32 boot fails when boot and stack allocations are in some places) created by Jiří Zárevúcky
Prior to commit …


08:37 Ticket #750 (Missing linker script inside HelenOS) created by Vojtech Horky
Userspace linker scripts were removed in …


13:14 Ticket #707 (Some code creates threads instead of fibrils) closed by Jakub Jermář
worksforme: As of 68a0d60965b3d761a94fddcea64dc153811763cf, the only user of …


19:43 Ticket #749 (Map and eradicate uses of kernel addresses as IDs for userspace) created by Jakub Jermář
The kernel (still) intentionally leaks kernel addresses at various …


17:48 Ticket #411 (Make bootimage compression optional) closed by Jiří Zárevúcky
fixed: Fixed in commits …
17:06 Ticket #597 (Native mkfs for ext4 filesystem) closed by Jakub Jermář
fixed: Fixed in commit 21751785b96d50c71310a8d9b941dda5399bd88a and …
17:02 Ticket #689 (Taskdump cannot load symbols for binaries not in /app or /srv) closed by Jakub Jermář
fixed: Fixed in commit 92864752b1dfddb2a35e0b2216820f6ed1dbeb0d
16:45 Ticket #473 (​ASUSTeK M3N WS strange behaviour) closed by Jakub Jermář
deferred: Deferring.
16:43 Ticket #301 (Spurious interrupts in Bochs during boot) closed by Jakub Jermář
deferred: Cannot even boot to Grub with bochs 2.6.9. Deferring.
13:59 Ticket #715 (Pcut requires the use of Yoda comparisons) closed by Jakub Jermář
13:53 Ticket #748 (Persistent network configuration) created by Jiri Svoboda
Network configuration in HelenOS is not preserved across reboots, even …
13:43 Ticket #747 (Volume server configuration needs to be persistent) created by Jiri Svoboda
Currently volume server configuration is in /cfg. Thanks to this it is …
13:40 Ticket #746 (Proper implementation of SIF) created by Jiri Svoboda
Replace the placeholder SIF implementation with a proper one that …
13:37 Ticket #745 (mkext4 should support other block sizes than 1 kB) created by Jiri Svoboda
Currently we can only create ext4 (ext2) file systems with 1 kB block …


07:56 GitCommitRules edited by Vojtech Horky
Link to good commit message. (diff)


17:27 Ticket #574 (Add *-helenos-* target to GCC) closed by Jakub Jermář
fixed: Fixed in commit bbe5e34956da986df4d32357c697e539e8cfec0d
17:20 Ticket #723 (coastline should support harbours buildable only on certain architectures) closed by Jakub Jermář
fixed: The matric script is obsoleted by ci's It got support for …
17:16 Ticket #733 (ext4fs should be able to report the volume label) closed by Jakub Jermář
fixed: Fixed in b209135fccd9282dabef632255a0a7e0b536ab6c
17:15 Ticket #724 (libsoftint should support __multi3) closed by Jakub Jermář
invalid: libsoftint was removed in 954c0240b720c64358bccbdcdcb035fdd5a6f347
17:14 Ticket #708 (Resource management and failure mode of async calls leads to deadlocks) closed by Jakub Jermář
17:12 Ticket #632 (Missing libsoftfloat functions affecting Coastline matrix) closed by Jakub Jermář
wontfix: libsoftfloat has been removed in 954c0240b720c64358bccbdcdcb035fdd5a6f347
06:30 Ticket #744 (Spawning tasks leaks memory) created by Jakub Jermář
Each spawned task (apparently independent of any particular task, but …
06:13 Ticket #743 (Assertion failed (main_fibril.tcb) in task 88, file "generic/libc.c", ...) created by Jakub Jermář
When executing the scenario of libisl smoke test manually (several …


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19:02 Ticket #741 (Clang build broken in RCU with stdatomic) closed by Jakub Jermář
fixed: Fixed in …
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