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09:57 Ticket #740 (tester float2 test fails) created by Jakub Jermář
As of commit cc74cb5c5f69f9cd7b915a29908ded2daedb158d, tester float2 …
09:32 Ticket #616 (softfloat1 test fails on HelenOS/ia64/Ski) closed by Jakub Jermář
worksforme: Assuming this was float1 test, the bug is no longer reproducible as of …


23:23 Ticket #739 (IA-64 FP possibly broken) closed by Jakub Jermář
fixed: Fixed in commit …
06:05 Camp2018 edited by Jakub Jermář
Link to the report blog (diff)


13:35 Ticket #737 (PCUT_ASSERT_NULL does not accept const pointer) closed by Vojtech Horky
fixed: Funny, this happens only in PCUT_ASSERT_NULL not with …


16:55 Ticket #739 (IA-64 FP possibly broken) created by Jiří Zárevúcky
libgcc for IA-64 uses floating-point instructions to implement 64b …


12:28 Ticket #738 (Toolchain build for ppc64 fails) closed by Martin Decky
fixed: Temporarily solved in 1b120429f3109da8cbc78ecefea76289c69330b9 by …
09:33 Ticket #738 (Toolchain build for ppc64 fails) created by Vojtech Horky
Running ./ --no-install ppc64 on latest checkout …


14:30 Documentation edited by Vojtech Horky
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16:25 Camp2018 edited by Martin Decky
update participant list (diff)
16:23 Camp2018 edited by Martin Decky
Jiří Svoboda sadly won't participate (confirmed by a phone call) (diff)
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