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19:34 UsersGuide/CommandReference edited by Sebastan Köln
added app/logset (diff)


13:46 PortingSoftware edited by Vojtech Horky
Few notes about porting (still WIP) (diff)


17:46 PortingSoftware edited by Vojtech Horky
WIP - libposix (diff)
02:53 Ticket #583 (Implement missing trigonometric functions) closed by Martin Decky
fixed: Implemented in mainline,2083. The Taylor …


07:50 KnowledgeArticles edited by Vojtech Horky
Link to porting software page (diff)
07:07 PortingSoftware created by Vojtech Horky
Porting software to HelenOS


13:12 Meetings edited by Martin Decky
next meeting (diff)


23:24 Ticket #583 (Implement missing trigonometric functions) created by Martin Decky
The trigonometric functions sine and cosine are currently implemented …


22:53 Ticket #582 (printf() is unnecessarily non-standard in some cases) created by Jiří Zárevúcky
In some cases, printf() discards bytes that are not valid UTF-8. …
21:18 Ticket #581 (strftime depends on fringe standard behavior for UTF-8 correctness) created by Vojtech Horky
The current implementation of strftime assumes that bytes …
19:23 Ticket #580 (Generate UUID according to RFC) created by Vojtech Horky
The way function gpt_set_random_uuid in libgpt generates the UUID …
19:19 Ticket #579 (printf does not implement the qualifier for ptrdiff_t) created by Vojtech Horky
Platform-independent code for printing ptrdiff_t shall use %td. …


18:51 GSOC edited by Martin Decky
accepted (diff)


14:00 Ticket #578 (Graphical boot experience) created by Jiri Svoboda
During a normal graphical boot the user should be presented with a …


06:32 Ticket #577 (AC'97 Audio driver) created by Jan Vesely
Implement a driver for an audio device compliant with the AC'97 …


16:54 ContemplatedFeatures edited by Martin Decky
16:51 ContemplatedFeatures edited by Martin Decky
16:44 Ticket #576 (Network file server and network file system client) created by Martin Decky
Implement and networked file server and networked file system client. …
16:08 Ticket #575 (Intel HD Audio driver) created by Jiri Svoboda
Implement a driver for an Intel HD Audio device pluggable into the …


14:57 GSOC edited by Martin Decky
add GSoC 2014 (diff)
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