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07:02 Ticket #563 (gettimeofday() has 1-second granularity) created by Jiri Svoboda
It appears that when I call gettimeofday() and a clock device is …


08:52 Ticket #562 (Source and destination address selection) created by Jiri Svoboda
If you try to connect to or ping a host that has an AAAA DNS record …


21:29 Ticket #561 (IPv6 stateless configuration) created by Jiri Svoboda
Currently we automatically configure a link-local IPv6 address. Add …
09:40 ContemplatedFeatures edited by Martin Decky
fix report number (diff)


20:13 ReleaseNotes/Mainline edited by Jiri Svoboda
df, rfb, DHCP, download (diff)
09:06 Meetings edited by Jiri Svoboda
Date of next meeting (diff)


11:59 DeveloperDocs edited by Jiri Svoboda
Fix link to C99 draft (was pointing to older 2008 C1x draft) (diff)


11:17 DeveloperDocs/CPUArch edited by Jakub Jermář
Add link to the up-to-date versions of the Intel amd64 and ia32 manuals (diff)


20:18 Ticket #560 (IPv6 addresses reversed on wire on ia32) closed by Jiri Svoboda
fixed: Fixed in mainline,2021. Also, address comparison logic was …
16:26 Ticket #560 (IPv6 addresses reversed on wire on ia32) created by Jiri Svoboda
The IP stack appears to be confused about IPv6 address endianness. …


20:49 Ticket #559 (TCP server crashes upon second connection attempt to netspeed) closed by Jiri Svoboda


20:58 Ticket #559 (TCP server crashes upon second connection attempt to netspeed) created by Jiri Svoboda
In HelenOS run: * netspeed tcp server 1234 4096 in Linux run: * …


19:29 Ticket #558 (More flexible locking scheme for fibril timers) created by Jiri Svoboda
Once #556 is addressed, we get a timer that provides reasonable …
19:10 Ticket #557 (fibril_timer_func needs first aid) created by Jiri Svoboda
fibril_timer_func() has serveral issues. In general it thinks the …
19:07 Ticket #556 (fibril_timer semantics are flawed) created by Jiri Svoboda
Fibril timer does not hold the timer lock while the callback is …
18:54 Ticket #555 (arp_translate can give up too soon) created by Jiri Svoboda
arp_translate() calls atrans_wait_timeout(ARP_REQUEST_TIMEOUT) before …
11:22 DeveloperDocs/Peripherals edited by Jiri Svoboda
Link to public Nvidia GPU doc(s) (diff)


11:52 DeveloperDocs/Peripherals edited by Jiri Svoboda
Intel GPU documentation (diff)
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