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21:14 Ticket #189 (DNS resolver) closed by Jiri Svoboda
fixed: Merged in mainline,1818. dnsrsrv (service), dnsres …


12:06 DeveloperDocs/TCPIP edited by Jiri Svoboda
Zeroconf specs (diff)


13:14 Ticket #537 (Multicast DNS) created by Jiri Svoboda
Implement the ability to configure an mDNS link-local host name (and …
13:03 Ticket #536 (IPv4 link-local address autoconfiguration) created by Jiri Svoboda
Implement IPv4 link-local adress autoconfiguration as per …


14:02 DeveloperDocs/Peripherals edited by Martin Sucha
Fix moved link for PC AT keyboard (diff)


07:15 Ticket #535 (tester print4 is slow on remcons) created by Jiri Svoboda
If you telnet into HelenOS and run 'tester print4' the output is …


06:55 Ticket #162 (Mouse interface for console applications) closed by Jiri Svoboda
fixed: Merged in mainline,1807, console applications can receive …


12:17 Ticket #303 (Read-only UDF 1.02 (DVD-Video)) closed by Martin Decky
fixed: I believe there is essentially no reason to keep this ticket open.
11:55 Ticket #534 (Terminal cursor hiding) created by Jiri Svoboda
Terminal cursor should be invisible or visually distinct when the …
11:54 Ticket #533 (Terminal cursor blinking) created by Jiri Svoboda
Cursor in the terminal should be blinking if the window is active.


15:05 Ticket #532 (Remote Framebuffer server) created by Jiri Svoboda
Implement a server that acts as a Remote Framebuffer protcol server …


15:14 Ticket #531 (Console user interface toolkit) created by Jiri Svoboda
Create a simple UI library for console environment. It should …


13:53 Ticket #530 (Type check link argument of list_get_instance macro) created by Jiri Svoboda
It bit me several times that list_get_instance() measures the offset …
13:44 Ticket #529 (Simplify list_foreach iteration) created by Jiri Svoboda
Currently list_foreach presents a link_t * as an iterator. This leads …


19:00 GSOC edited by Martin Decky
bad news (diff)
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