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HelenOS does not boot on Dell PowerEdge 3250

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Priority: major Milestone: 0.9.1
Component: helenos/boot/ia64 Version: mainline
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Description (last modified by Jakub Jermář)

The following commit broke HelenOS on Dell PowerEdge 3250:

63a045c41ff533abb66be65fc068415be77ad7df is the first bad commit
commit 63a045c41ff533abb66be65fc068415be77ad7df
Author: Jiří Zárevúcky <>
Date:   Wed Oct 10 19:11:15 2018 +0200

    Unify handling of compressed init data and use regular tar + gzip to achieve it
    There are two issues this commit solves.
    First is that architecture-specific code duplicates most of the init binary
    handling in each architecture, each with miniscule and confusing variations.
    After this commit, the init binary expansion is almost entirely handled by
    unified generic code.
    Second is that the way we used to generate the incorporated data is somewhat
    convoluted. Previously we have a Python script which generates a zip archive
    with individual deflate-compressed files and accompanying header and C files
    which contain structures describing the archive contents.
    The zip file is then extracted and the individual deflate-compressed files are
    included in the binary via assembler code.
    Since gas doesn't take particular care to be consistent between architectures,
    the assembly portions are also not uniform and the build script needs to know
    particulars of the architecture's assembly.
    Instead of doing that, after this commit we first gzip each included file, then
    we pack the gzipped files into a tar archive, and then we include the archive
    into the binary using objcopy.
    Linker script provides symbols for the start and end of the archive,
    and the payload is in a self-describing format, so there is no need for any
    generated code.
    Note that we are doing the opposite of the conventional .tar.gz format.
    It would be somewhat inconvenient to use .tar.gz since the uncompressed files
    need to be aligned to page size, so we'd have to first decompress the entire
    payload to determine the final position of the files (and hence the required
    amount of memory).

:040000 040000 a958e2f86058b109d9a475191efe8b746981aad3 4b9293de1604e3ff56d2f7aed75d3140223e5b14 M	boot
:040000 040000 d42720be1711cb76aa4a159aa2ae8b72cfa2b2ed fd36c6d63f692b20cf87ca99ff4ac774072d08fa M	kernel

The boot produces no output diagnostics, after starting elilo the screen remains blank.

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