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Changes between Version 1 and Version 2 of Ticket #652

2016-02-18T22:56:09Z (7 years ago)
Jakub Jermář


  • Ticket #652

    • Property Summary changed from Graphical stack (GUI) improvements to Graphics stack (GUI) improvements
  • Ticket #652 – Description

    v1 v2  
    11Implement (a subset of) the following GUI improvements:
    3   * graphics stack improvements
    43  * support for direct rendering in graphic driver infrastructure
    54  * more drawing operations in drawing library (lines, curves, polygons, circles, etc.)
    1413  * improvements of terminal emulator (resizing, scrolling, history)
    1514  * console applications awareness of resizing and termination of their terminal emulator
     16 Details::
     17  HelenOS features a compositing GUI described in Petr Koupy's master thesis (see below). The GUI is fairly basic and offers vast room for improvements (see above). The goal of this project is to implement a reasonable subset of the above features.
     19 What Gains and Benefits will this bring?::
     20  HelenOS will become more user-friendly and visually appealing.
     23 Difficulty::
     24  medium
     26 Required skills::
     27  A successful applicant will have good skills of programming in the C language and the ability to survive in a non-standard non-POSIX environment. Previous experience with a graphics stack implementation would be beneficial.
     29 Documentation::
     30  * [ Graphics Stack for HelenOS]
     31  * [wiki:UsersGuide/GUI GUI's Users Guide]
     33 Possible mentors::
     34  HelenOS Core Team, Martin Decky