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Changes between Version 4 and Version 6 of Ticket #647

2018-01-22T18:53:14Z (3 years ago)
Jakub Jermář


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    44  HelenOS features basic support for the popular !BeagleBoard XM and !BeagleBone credit-card sized computers. HelenOS also has its own USB stack, but because !BeagleBone uses a non-standard USB host controller and !BeagleBoard XM comes with a (sometimes) flaky EHCI host controller, and a non-standard OTG USB controller, HelenOS cannot unfold its full potential on these platforms, where most of the peripherals are meant to be attached via USB (mouse, keyboard, network, etc.).
    6   HelenOS currently supports USB 1.1. USB 2.0 development branch is available on Launchpad and is awaiting integration into the main development branch. The USB 2.0 branch should be preferred for this project.
     6  HelenOS currently supports USB 1.1 amd USB 2.0. USB 3.0 development branch is available on !GitHub and is awaiting integration into the main development branch.
    88  !BeagleBone comes with a USB host controller which actually is an USB OTG controller with some pins grounded so that it acts as a host controller. The goal for the !BeagleBone would therefore be to implement the USB OTG controller driver for the host mode.
    2121 Documentation and references::
    2222  * [wiki:DeveloperDocs/Peripherals#USB Developer documentation (USB)]
    23   * [ lp:~jan.vesely/helenos/usb Development branch with USB 2.0 support]
     23  * [ Development branch with USB 3.0 support]
    2424  * [ USB subsystem in HelenOS]
    2525  * []