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    1 Implement a filesystem driver for a "real" filesystem.
     1Implement a native HelenOS driver for the ext2 file system.
    3 Suggestion: ext2 (perhaps without some advanced features)
     3  Details::
     4The new driver should be realized as a standalone server process which plugs itself into the HelenOS VFS framework and implements the VFS and libfs interfaces in the ext2 specific way.
     6The implementation can proceed in two phases. In the first phase, read-only support should be implemented. The second phase will comprise of adding write support.
     8  What Gains and Benefits will this bring?::
     9The only persistent file system supported by HelenOS so far has been FAT16. This file system has some inconvenient limitations such as the 8.3 file names and, which is more important, does not force VFS to provide interfaces for writing back the superblock. On the other hand, ext2 is a reasonably advanced file system commonly used on the Linux platform and its implementation will lead to adding needed abstractions to the VFS protocol. This will benefit future additions of other persistent file systems.
     11  Difficulty::
     14  Required skills::
     15A successful applicant will have good skills of programming in the C language and also the ability to program in a multi-server environment, which includes communicating using HelenOS IPC.
     17  Documentation::
     18The ext2 file system on-disk format is described in a document linked from the [wiki:DeveloperDocs#FileSystems file system] section of our developer documentation page. The file system framework is described in the [wiki:FSDesign file system design] document and HelenOS IPC is documented in the [wiki:IPC IPC for Dummies] article.