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Changes between Initial Version and Version 1 of Ticket #577

2014-02-18T17:11:18Z (8 years ago)
Martin Decky


  • Ticket #577

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    • Property Component changed from helenos/unspecified to helenos/drv/other
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  • Ticket #577 – Description

    initial v1  
    1 Implement ac'97 audio codec driver.
     1Implement a driver for an audio device compliant with the AC'97 specification pluggable into the HelenOS audio subsystem (Hound).
    3  Details:: Existing audio support support in HelenOS is limited to SB16 and compatible hw. This ticket aims to extend the support to AC'97 class of audio devices. The goal is to have functional audio playback on virtualbox and qemu emulated devices as well as real hw.
     3 Details::
     4  Although HelenOS has a sound server that can mix output from multiple applications, currently only Sound Blaster 16 hardware is supported. This driver is not practically usable on today's hardware outside of emulators such as QEMU.
     5  [[br]][[br]]
     6  The goal of this ticket is to implement a driver for AC'97 class of audio devices that would be pluggable into to the sound subsystem and to the device driver framework implemented in HelenOS. The driver should at least support audio playback on virtual devices emulated in VirtualBox and QEMU and optionally on actual hardware.
     7  [[br]][[br]]
     8  AC'97 devices are simpler than Intel HDA devices. This ticket should be considered an easier alternative to ticket #575. The difficulty can be further scaled down by limiting the scope to a specific AC'97 revision.
    5  Gains and Benefits:: Although replaced by newer Intel HDA standard, the AC'97 devices were wide spread in its days. Implementing AC'97 driver would bring helenos audio subsytem to real hw.
     10 Gains and Benefits::
     11  Although replaced by the newer Intel HDA standard, the AC'97 devices were the de facto standard in previous generations of sound cards for PC. Implementing a driver for sound output output via Intel HD Audio would allow to use HelenOS sound system on real hardware, improving the user experience and overall usefulness of the system from the end-user point of view.
    7  Difficulty:: Easy. AC'97 device are simpler than Intel HDA. This ticket should be considered an easier alternative to #575. The difficulty can be further scaled by AC'97 revision requirement.
     13 Difficulty::
     14  Medium
    9  Required skills:: Strong background in C programming, preferably on system level. Experience with device drivers and knowledge of IO device architecture(PCI, MMIO, DMA) would be beneficial.
     16 Required skills::
     17  A successful applicant will have good skills of programming in the C language and the ability to survive in a non-standard non-POSIX environment. Previous experience with driver or sound system implementation would be beneficial, as well as the knowledge of I/O device architecture (PCI, MMIO, DMA).
    1119 Documentation::
    12   [] AC'97 specs
     20  * [ AC'97 specs]
    14  Possible mentors:: HelenOS Core Team
     22 Possible mentors::
     23  HelenOS Core Team