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Changes between Initial Version and Version 3 of Ticket #403

2012-03-04T19:35:28Z (9 years ago)
Vojtech Horky


  • Ticket #403

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  • Ticket #403 – Description

    initial v3  
    11Port (a subset of) [ CPython] to HelenOS.
     3 Details::
     4 Python is a dynamic programming language that support object-oriented, imperative and even functional programming styles. Currently, HelenOS has no Python support but uses Python during build (e.g. for preparing configuration or for assembling disk image).[[br]]
     5 Integrate a reasonable subset of CPython to HelenOS so that it can be used to run helper scripts used in the build process. The selected subset shall also include support for tools used in development process of HelenOS, above all Bazaar revision system.[[br]]In the absence of missing backing libraries on HelenOS side (e.g. for some advance text user interface) to fulfill the goal outlined above (run helper scripts and Bazaar), the focus shall be on porting Python to such extent to allow most common operations.
     7 What Gains and Benefits will this bring?::
     8 One of the strategic goals for HelenOS is becoming self-hosting.
     9 During previous GSoC, a PCC compiler (Portable C compiler) was ported to HelenOS, thus allowing to compile HelenOS sources inside HelenOS.     Porting core parts of Python would bridge over the last step to have the possibility to build HelenOS from inside HelenOS.
     12 Difficulty::
     13 medium
     16 Required skills::
     17 A successful applicant will have good skills of programming in the C and Python languages and the ability to survive in a non-standard non-POSIX application environment.
     19 Possible mentors::
     20 HelenOS Core Team