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#213 closed defect (fixed)

sun4v not booting on a real Sun Fire T1000 Enterprise

Reported by: Jakub Jermář Owned by:
Priority: major Milestone: 0.4.3
Component: helenos/kernel/sparc64 Version: mainline
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HelenOS 0.4.2 with SMP will not boot on a real world Sun Fire T1000:

SILO Version 1.4.13
boot: HelenOS
Allocated 8 Megs of memory at 0x40000000 for kernel
Uncompressing image...
Kernel doesn't support loading to high memory, relocating...done.
Loaded kernel version 0.0.0

Memory statistics (total 3968 MB, starting at 0x0000000008000000)
 0x0000000000400000: kernel entry point
 0x0000000000009928: boot info structure
 0x000000000000a504: kernel image (size 732984 bytes)
 0x00000000000bd43c: ns image (size 80932 bytes)
 0x00000000000d1060: loader image (size 78146 bytes)
 0x00000000000e41a2: init image (size 77313 bytes)
 0x00000000000f6fa3: devmap image (size 84064 bytes)
 0x000000000010b803: rd image (size 79476 bytes)
 0x000000000011ee77: vfs image (size 94104 bytes)
 0x0000000000135e0f: fat image (size 115757 bytes)
 0x000000000015223c: initrd image (size 2228224 bytes)

Copying tasks...initrd fat vfs rd devmap init loader ns .
Copying kernel...done.
The sun4v init finished.Booting the kernel...
ERROR: Last Trap: Memory Address not Aligned 

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comment:1 by Jakub Jermář, 14 years ago

Reports indicate that a non-SMP configuration works perfectly.

comment:2 by Jakub Jermář, 14 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

It turns out that the CONFIG_SIMICS_SMP_HACK was getting in the way on the real world Niagara. Without this hack, the system boots fine, with one minor glitch (the console service does not take over the serial console).

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