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    1 Create a set of tools that would increase the comforts of using networking in HelenOS.
     1Create a set of tools that would increase the comforts of using networking in HelenOS such as domain name resolution and manual/automatic network configuration.
    33 Details::
     4 This is an umbrella project for implementing the following tickets that should make configuration and utilization of HelenOS networking more automatic and/or comfortable:
     6    #189 DNS resolver
     7    #190 DHCP client
     8    #191 Tools for manual network configuration
    410 What Gains and Benefits will this bring?::
     11 In its current form, there is no domain name resolution in HelenOS and the network interfaces are configured from a static configuration file.
     13 The ability to use domain names instead of plain IP addresses is a big usability leap forward and also an expected standard in todays operating systems.
    515 Difficulty::
     16 The project is not very difficult technically, but the amount of requested features is not small either.
    618 Required skills::
     19 A successful applicant should have a good knowledge of communicating using the UDP protocol and using the BSD sockets-like networking API. He or she should be strong in C and should be able to navigate in various RFC documents describing the DNS and DHCP protocols.
    721 Documentation::
    822  - [ Networking and TCP/IP stack for HelenOS system].