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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#41 Add support for iMac G5 (ppc64) Martin Decky enhancement minor
#712 Port Git to HelenOS enhancement major ported-software
#378 Fulltext search for the Mailman archive enhancement minor helenos-web
#621 Raspberry Pi USB controller driver enhancement major helenos/usb/other
#38 Unify sysinfo, bootinfo, OFW tree enhancement minor helenos/unspecified
#120 Some HelenOS code breaks strict aliasing rules defect major helenos/unspecified
#163 Console does not handle mouse in non-graphical mode enhancement minor helenos/unspecified
#173 Need a command line tool to manage null devices enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#177 OpenPIC driver for ppc32 enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#201 fflush() should be cheap if output buffer is empty enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#202 fgetc() should be smarter about buffer flushing enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#209 Network IPC bridge enhancement minor helenos/unspecified
#215 Need 'interrupt task' functionality enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#216 Need 'end of input' functionality enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#355 Revive Doxygen reference enhancement minor helenos/unspecified
#381 Integrate interrupt controller drivers into DDF enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#391 Async exchange abort enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#392 Async per-port connection handlers enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#393 Async single connection per session enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#419 HelenOS as a Genode platform enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#432 Rock Ridge extension in cdfs enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#438 Indexed sequence ADT enhancement minor helenos/unspecified
#446 High memory corrodes memory reservations defect major helenos/unspecified
#447 Boot from persistent file system enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#448 Forced vs. non-forced administrative device removal enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#467 Use of bit fields in AHCI driver is not clearly justified based on the specs defect major helenos/unspecified
#495 A keypress still required for shell to return control after a task is killed defect major helenos/unspecified
#502 Zero configuration networking enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#512 Implement/port an NTP client enhancement minor helenos/unspecified
#531 Console user interface toolkit enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#535 tester print4 is slow on remcons defect minor helenos/unspecified
#536 IPv4 link-local address autoconfiguration enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#537 Multicast DNS enhancement minor helenos/unspecified
#538 HTTP CONNECT proxy traversal enhancement minor helenos/unspecified
#541 Hard real-time features enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#550 Driver wildcard matching enhancement minor helenos/unspecified
#553 e1k support for 8086:1502 (82579LM Gigabit Network Connection rev 04) enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#561 IPv6 stateless configuration enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#578 Graphical boot experience enhancement minor helenos/unspecified
#586 HelenOS on SPARC Enterprise T5120 enhancement minor helenos/unspecified
#598 cdfs initial ramdisk enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#601 Cannot activate kernel console via hotkey on Lenovo Thinkpad X230 defect major helenos/unspecified
#603 demo.xm doesn't play correctly defect major helenos/unspecified
#609 No user interface on bbxm enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#610 No user interface on bbone enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#612 No user interface on raspberrypi enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#627 Atheros Wifi cannot connect defect major helenos/unspecified
#628 Atheros WiFi reports incorrect link state defect major helenos/unspecified
#630 Listeners in core TCP enhancement minor helenos/unspecified
#631 trunc(768.3156) == 770?! defect major helenos/unspecified
#691 xorriso doesn't support "-hfs" defect minor helenos/unspecified
#697 Kernel console is painfully slow on Freerunner defect major helenos/unspecified
#720 DMA operations require cache maintenance defect major helenos/unspecified
#722 Find a way to check consistent use of errno_t type. enhancement minor helenos/unspecified
#730 Atheros WiFi driver crashes upon attach defect major helenos/unspecified
#747 Volume server configuration needs to be persistent enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#748 Persistent network configuration enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#754 Toolchain build fails with cryptic message when dependecies are missing defect major helenos/unspecified
#755 Shared libraries should be shared in memory, too enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#757 Need sqrt function defect major helenos/unspecified
#770 GRUB Legacy support broken defect major helenos/unspecified
#778 Support for Intel Corporation Ethernet Connection (3) I218-LM [8086:15a2] enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#787 Taskdump needs to undertand shared objects enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#788 Ns should track tasks through their entire life cycle enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#789 Loading as a service enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#791 dlsym/dl_get_public_fib_var test fails on ppc32 defect major helenos/unspecified
#792 Clang checker broken defect major helenos/unspecified
#793 Clang build broken defect major helenos/unspecified
#800 aarch64 boot crashes without explanation when init files are uncompressed defect minor helenos/unspecified
#62 Support file system date attributes enhancement major helenos/srv/vfs
#77 Filesystem framework is extremely fragile enhancement major helenos/srv/vfs
#480 VFS deadlocks when FS calles VFS operation (namespace_rwlock) Jakub Jermář enhancement major helenos/srv/vfs
#547 VFS_IN_RENAME does not work with directories Jiří Zárevúcky defect minor helenos/srv/vfs
#564 Implement support for 9P Jakub Jermář enhancement major helenos/srv/vfs
#576 Network file server and network file system client Jakub Jermář enhancement major helenos/srv/vfs
#184 Support for ipc_connect_me_to_timeout() would be useful enhancement major helenos/srv/ns
#590 Logset should display registered logs enhancement major helenos/srv/logger
#217 Need a way to detach devices enhancement major helenos/srv/locsrv
#648 Extend dynamic linking support to (an)other architecture(s) Jiri Svoboda enhancement major helenos/srv/loader
#55 Some keyboards do not support autorepeat enhancement minor helenos/srv/kbd
#319 Input method for character terminals enhancement major helenos/srv/kbd
#471 Dell PowerEdge 7150 PS/2 keyboard input not working defect major helenos/srv/kbd
#474 Mac Pro (Early 2009) UHCI keyboard error defect major helenos/srv/kbd
#387 The APIC driver needs to get information about the IO APIC from the kernel defect major helenos/srv/irc
#752 hound crashes on a dual-CPU system defect major helenos/srv/hound
#43 Switch between virtual terminals using Alt+Fn enhancement trivial helenos/srv/console
#156 Improve support for non-xterm terminal emulators Jiri Svoboda enhancement major helenos/srv/console
#212 Give flexible option to set console colors. enhancement minor helenos/srv/console
#269 Characters must be written atomically to the console defect minor helenos/srv/console
#436 Cursor not always visible during movement defect major helenos/srv/console
#710 Second run of ApacheBench against HelenOS websrv times out defect major helenos/net/tcp
#629 Network packet capture enhancement major helenos/net/other
#655 Networking stabilization campaign enhancement major helenos/net/other
#675 Implement Xen PV network device driver enhancement major helenos/net/other
#593 IP datagram reassembly needs to flush datagrams/fragments after some time Jiri Svoboda defect major helenos/net/inet
#358 IRQ pseudocode compiler enhancement major helenos/lib/other
#528 Address space area leak in remote_ahci_read/write_blocks() defect major helenos/lib/other
#711 Library support for foreign C software (tracking ticket) enhancement major helenos/lib/other
#9 Current fibril model can confuse kernel's view on threads Jakub Jermář enhancement minor helenos/lib/c
#281 printf functions are overserialized enhancement major helenos/lib/c
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