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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#252 Change default CROSS_PREFIX to /usr/local/cross enhancement trivial 0.5.0 helenos/unspecified
#291 Invalid mnemonics and documentation in IP protocol defect trivial 0.5.0 helenos/net/inet
#579 printf does not implement the qualifier for ptrdiff_t Jakub Jermář defect trivial 0.7.0 helenos/lib/c
#6 pte_t should be the real thing on arm32 Vineeth Pillai enhancement minor helenos/kernel/arm32
#7 Port the arm32 port to QEMU Vineeth Pillai enhancement minor 0.4.1 helenos/unspecified
#15 Implement rwlocks for uspace enhancement minor 0.4.1 helenos/lib/c
#20 Klog output from user space Martin Decky defect minor 0.4.1
#21 Tab completion in kconsole is not working Martin Decky defect minor 0.4.1
#28 Autotooling, generated offsets Martin Decky enhancement minor 0.6.0 helenos-build
#31 Revision of panics Martin Decky enhancement minor 0.4.3 helenos/unspecified
#37 Optionally strip binaries after linking enhancement minor helenos-build
#47 Mouse driver Jiri Svoboda enhancement minor 0.4.2 helenos/unspecified
#50 Kconsole better tab completion Sandeep Kumar enhancement minor 0.5.0 helenos/kernel/generic
#57 FAT driver improvement: lower case bits enhancement minor 0.4.1 helenos/fs/fat
#58 FAT server improvement: LFN enhancement minor 0.5.0 helenos/fs/fat
#59 FAT server improvement: FAT12, FAT32, FAT64 enhancement minor 0.5.0 helenos/fs/fat
#60 Driver for ext4 filesystem Frantisek Princ enhancement minor 0.6.0 helenos/fs/other
#66 Kernel stdout as a multiplexer enhancement minor helenos/kernel/generic
#71 Stack walkers Jakub Jermář enhancement minor 0.4.2 helenos/unspecified
#90 Bad memory access messages are architecture-dependent enhancement minor helenos/unspecified
#110 Keyboard driver should support keyboard LEDs enhancement minor 0.4.2 helenos/srv/kbd
#126 Breakage and regression monitoring tool enhancement minor 0.7.2 web
#150 CLEAN_WINDOW_HANDLER on sun4v can be optimized enhancement minor 0.4.2 helenos/kernel/sparc64
#169 ls hangs in fat fs root directory if root_ent_max not divisible by 16 defect minor 0.4.2 helenos/fs/fat
#237 Sysinfo syscalls can loop forever Martin Decky defect minor 0.4.3 helenos/unspecified
#262 The ns8250 driver uses too many magic numbers enhancement minor 0.5.0 helenos/drv/ns8250
#263 TCP uses EPARTY inappropriately defect minor 0.4.3 helenos/net/tcp
#264 ns8250 uses EPARTY inappropriately defect minor 0.4.3 helenos/drv/ns8250
#265 pciintel uses EPARTY inappropriately defect minor 0.4.3 helenos/drv/pciintel
#272 Need fibril_{mutex,rwlock_read,rwlock_write}_locked() Jakub Jermář enhancement minor 0.4.3 helenos/lib/c
#279 Sleeping task does not get killed immediately enhancement minor 0.6.0 helenos/unspecified
#289 klog's interrupt_received() routine is too heavy-weight Martin Decky enhancement minor 0.5.0 helenos/app/klog
#356 PCI info utility Jiri Svoboda enhancement minor 0.9.1 helenos/unspecified
#382 Implement stack guard pages Jakub Jermář enhancement minor 0.6.0 helenos/kernel/generic
#401 Port MSIM MIPS simulator Vojtech Horky enhancement minor 0.5.0 helenos/unspecified
#455 TCP uses threads in an unsupported way Jiri Svoboda defect minor 0.5.0 helenos/net/tcp
#457 ping -r timeout handling defect minor 0.6.0 helenos/net/other
#462 Assignment instead of comparison in sbi defect minor 0.5.0 helenos/app/other
#475 File system probing Jakub Jermář enhancement minor 0.7.2 helenos/srv/vfs
#490 arm32 task kill message prints incorrect address. Jiri Svoboda defect minor 0.6.0 helenos/kernel/arm32
#491 arm32: Loader issue with -march=armv5 and ALIGN(., 8) in the linker script Jiri Svoboda defect minor 0.6.0 helenos/srv/loader
#493 kcon breaks redrawing defect minor 0.6.0 helenos/unspecified
#501 Standard conforming boolean type enhancement minor 0.6.0 helenos/unspecified
#506 getopt() crashes when called multiple time with invalid options Saad Talaat defect minor 0.7.0 helenos/lib/c
#511 Keys not work in some cases Jiri Svoboda defect minor 0.6.0 helenos/app/edit
#529 Simplify list_foreach iteration enhancement minor helenos/unspecified
#530 Type check link argument of list_get_instance macro enhancement minor 0.6.0 helenos/unspecified
#540 devctl display of match IDs enhancement minor helenos/srv/devman
#569 Extend to check whether toolchain needs to be rebuilt enhancement minor 0.9.1 helenos/unspecified
#580 Generate UUID according to RFC defect minor 0.6.0 helenos/lib/other
#587 Clean up remaining uses of _DDF_DATA_IMPLANT enhancement minor 0.6.0 helenos/unspecified
#645 Windowed (non-full-screen) mode for the viewer application enhancement minor 0.7.0 helenos/app/viewer
#676 ext4 shoots before it asks defect minor 0.7.1 helenos/fs/ext4fs
#679 Kernel should have stdbool.h and stddef.h Jiri Svoboda enhancement minor 0.7.1 helenos/unspecified
#680 ABI headers are not self-contained defect minor 0.7.1 helenos/unspecified
#681 Kernel should have assert.h defect minor 0.7.1 helenos/unspecified
#683 Clang build is broken on some architectures Jiří Zárevúcky defect minor 0.7.1 helenos/unspecified
#692 Assembler warnings on IA64 defect minor 0.7.1 helenos/lib/c
#693 Assembler warnings on MIPS defect minor 0.7.1 helenos/unspecified
#694 Assembler warnings on sparc64/niagara defect minor 0.7.1 helenos/unspecified
#695 e1000_link_restart() needs to be double-checked/tested defect minor 0.7.1 helenos/drv/e1k
#706 async_usleep vs fibril_usleep vs thread_usleep Jiri Svoboda enhancement minor 0.7.2 helenos/unspecified
#709 Enable to cope with missing libraries automatically enhancement minor 0.7.2 helenos/unspecified
#716 Broken UI in edit with long filename Jiri Svoboda defect minor 0.7.2 helenos/app/edit
#717 nic prints error for ne2k defect minor 0.7.2 helenos/drv/ne2k
#733 ext4fs should be able to report the volume label Jiri Svoboda enhancement minor 0.8.0 helenos/fs/ext4fs
#734 Devman should probe alternative matches enhancement minor 0.8.0 helenos/unspecified
#800 aarch64 boot crashes without explanation when init files are uncompressed Petr Pavlu defect minor helenos/boot/arm64
#3 Memory management limitations Martin Decky enhancement major 0.5.0 helenos/kernel/generic
#13 Slab allocator allocation description ends in the middle of a sentence defect major helenos-doc
#17 mips32 and ppc32 cannot boot from a large ramdisk defect major helenos/unspecified
#18 running program from bdsh opens new console defect major helenos/unspecified
#24 mips32 (big endian variant) user space not working in GXEMUL Jiri Svoboda defect major 0.4.1 helenos/unspecified
#25 VIA-CUDA keyboard driver is incomplete and missing in user space Jiri Svoboda enhancement major 0.4.2 helenos/unspecified
#27 Kernel not booting on Sun Ultra 60 Jakub Jermář defect major 0.4.1
#33 ATA driver Jiri Svoboda enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#34 Replace the functionality of LOW_4GiB macro Martin Decky enhancement major 0.6.0 helenos/kernel/generic
#35 Support multiple instances of TMPFS Jakub Jermář enhancement major 0.4.1 helenos/fs/tmpfs
#36 Virtual consoles overhaul enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#39 Implement support for LEON CPUs (sparc32) Martin Decky enhancement major 0.6.0 helenos/kernel/sparc32
#44 Advanced way of wiring kernel HID devices Martin Decky enhancement major 0.4.1 helenos/unspecified
#45 Virtual terminal recycling bug Martin Decky defect major 0.4.1
#46 EGA kconsole/user console bugs Martin Decky defect major 0.4.1
#52 vfs_rename() - Bad detection of move to subdir of source dir Jakub Jermář defect major 0.4.1 helenos/srv/vfs
#53 NS16550 keyboard not functional on Sun Ultra 60 Jakub Jermář defect major 0.4.1
#56 Finish and merge the dynamic loader to trunk Jiri Svoboda enhancement major 0.5.0 helenos/unspecified
#61 Support 64-bit file offsets and file sizes in the VFS protocol enhancement major 0.4.2 helenos/srv/vfs
#63 OFW support in ppc32 port is way behind the level in sparc64 port Martin Decky enhancement major 0.4.2 helenos/kernel/ppc32
#68 Tracer locks up keyboard defect major 0.4.1
#70 Cating a directory causes segfault in VFS defect major 0.4.1 helenos/srv/vfs
#74 Reimplement user space memory allocator enhancement major 0.4.1 helenos/lib/c
#79 Introduce and implement VFS_UNMOUNT Jakub Jermář enhancement major 0.4.2 helenos/srv/vfs
#80 tmpfs_restore() fails on arm32 defect major 0.4.1 helenos/unspecified
#81 conflicting types for fs_node_t defect major 0.4.1 helenos/lib/c
#82 ls: skipping bogus node null Martin Decky defect major 0.4.1 helenos/unspecified
#83 Pass task exit code Jiri Svoboda enhancement major 0.4.1 helenos/lib/c
#84 Replace VFS_DEVICE with VFS_FSTAT enhancement major 0.4.1 helenos/srv/vfs
#85 Do not create a new "pending" fibril after each received call defect major 0.4.1 helenos/lib/c
#86 console should not depend on kbd's source code defect major 0.4.2 helenos/srv/console
#88 cons_get_event() should be rewritten using e.g. condition variables Jakub Jermář defect major 0.4.1 helenos/srv/console
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