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#4 HelenOS/sparc64 unstable with CONFIG_TSB reopened Jakub Jermář major helenos/kernel/sparc64
#120 Some HelenOS code breaks strict aliasing rules new major helenos/unspecified
#269 Characters must be written atomically to the console new minor helenos/srv/console
#297 TICK ticks ahead of TICK_COMPARE new Jakub Jermář major helenos/kernel/sparc64
#300 Spurious interrupt on Phenom X4 (quad core) new Jakub Jermář major helenos/kernel/ia32
#309 async_data_read_finalize returns EOK even with NULL data and nonzero size new Jakub Jermář minor helenos/lib/c
#346 Scheduler SMP load balancing suboptimal new Jakub Jermář major helenos/kernel/generic
#387 The APIC driver needs to get information about the IO APIC from the kernel new major helenos/srv/irc
#388 There is more to mapping IRQs to IO APIC pins new Jakub Jermář major helenos/kernel/ia32
#410 Can't have more than 1GiB of memory on ppc32 new Martin Decky major helenos/kernel/ppc32
#421 Non-anomymous DMA allocation needs to trigger on-demand mapping new Martin Decky major helenos/kernel/generic
#423 DMA allocations need to survive address space destruction new Jakub Jermář major helenos/kernel/generic
#436 Cursor not always visible during movement new major helenos/srv/console
#443 IPC hangup should awaken blocked clients new Jakub Jermář major helenos/lib/c
#446 High memory corrodes memory reservations new major helenos/unspecified
#461 No interrupts for uspace on real hardware when SMP enabled accepted Jakub Jermář major helenos/srv/irc
#464 FPU preserved registers not preserved across fibril switches new Jakub Jermář major helenos/lib/c
#467 Use of bit fields in AHCI driver is not clearly justified based on the specs new major helenos/unspecified
#470 Mac Mini (Mid 2011) boot issues new major helenos/boot/amd64
#471 Dell PowerEdge 7150 PS/2 keyboard input not working new major helenos/srv/kbd
#472 PCI bus not detected on iMac G4 new major helenos/drv/pciintel
#474 Mac Pro (Early 2009) UHCI keyboard error new major helenos/srv/kbd
#495 A keypress still required for shell to return control after a task is killed new major helenos/unspecified
#508 Parallel sessions don't mix well with call forwarding new Jakub Jermář major helenos/lib/c
#528 Address space area leak in remote_ahci_read/write_blocks() new major helenos/lib/other
#535 tester print4 is slow on remcons new minor helenos/unspecified
#547 VFS_IN_RENAME does not work with directories new Jiří Zárevúcky minor helenos/srv/vfs
#581 strftime depends on fringe standard behavior for UTF-8 correctness new Jakub Jermář minor helenos/lib/c
#582 printf() is unnecessarily non-standard in some cases new Jakub Jermář minor helenos/lib/c
#584 USB still not working on Dell PowerEdge 3250 (ia64) new major helenos/drv/uhci
#593 IP datagram reassembly needs to flush datagrams/fragments after some time new Jiri Svoboda major helenos/net/inet
#599 Ultimate way to prevent the decrementer from underflowing new Martin Decky major helenos/kernel/ppc32
#601 Cannot activate kernel console via hotkey on Lenovo Thinkpad X230 new major helenos/unspecified
#603 demo.xm doesn't play correctly new major helenos/unspecified
#607 Nested traps should probably lower GL too to avoid register corruption new Jakub Jermář major helenos/kernel/sparc64
#627 Atheros Wifi cannot connect new major helenos/unspecified
#628 Atheros WiFi reports incorrect link state new major helenos/unspecified
#631 trunc(768.3156) == 770?! new major helenos/unspecified
#639 hsct depends on last component of build dir new major coastline
#678 plb_get_component() is broken wrt. UTF8 new minor helenos/fs/other
#687 taskdump -t 6 deadlocks VFS and taskdump new major helenos/kernel/generic
#691 xorriso doesn't support "-hfs" new minor helenos/unspecified
#697 Kernel console is painfully slow on Freerunner new major helenos/unspecified
#710 Second run of ApacheBench against HelenOS websrv times out new major helenos/net/tcp
#720 DMA operations require cache maintenance new major helenos/unspecified
#730 Atheros WiFi driver crashes upon attach new major helenos/unspecified
#740 tester float2 test fails new major helenos/app/tester
#751 ppc32 boot fails when boot and stack allocations are in some places new major helenos/kernel/ppc32
#754 Toolchain build fails with cryptic message when dependecies are missing new major helenos/unspecified
#757 Need sqrt function new major helenos/unspecified
#760 vreg's can be modified by an arbitrary thread running on another CPU accepted Jakub Jermář major helenos/kernel/amd64
#765 Hsct build of some packages dumps a lot of cores new major coastline
#770 GRUB Legacy support broken new major helenos/unspecified
#773 Ancient coastline GCC won't build for MIPS new major coastline
#781 PS/2 mouse on HW can break due to early activity accepted Jiri Svoboda major helenos/unspecified
#790 sun4v freezes randomly in Qemu assigned Jakub Jermář major helenos/kernel/sparc64
#791 dlsym/dl_get_public_fib_var test fails on ppc32 new major helenos/unspecified
#792 Clang checker broken new major helenos/unspecified
#793 Clang build broken new major helenos/unspecified
#798 Definitions in abi/include/abi/elf.h are non-conformant assigned major helenos/unspecified
#803 ninja doxygen fails new major helenos-build
#805 Debug session not cleaned up if debugger gets killed new major helenos/unspecified
#806 Trace/command freezes for some commands new major helenos/app/trace
#811 PCUT should not prefix test case identifiers with "test_" new major helenos/lib/other
#820 Changing ninja config from CONFIG_SMP to !CONFIG_SMP and vice versa breaks the build new major 0.14.2 helenos-build
#843 s3c24xx_ts driver should not be used on other platforms than GTA02 new major 0.14.2 helenos/unspecified
#855 System sometimes does not boot fully up to GUI new major 0.14.2 helenos/unspecified
#856 XHCI driver does not start reliably on amd64 new major 0.14.2 helenos/drv/other
#857 /app/cpptest killed due to an exception at program counter 0x0000000000000000. new major 0.14.2 helenos/app/other
#858 i8042 driver loads the processor when HW not present new minor 0.14.2 helenos/drv/other
#859 Build with Detailed kernel logging enabled fails assigned Jiří Zárevúcky major 0.14.2 helenos/unspecified
#863 tester malloc3 causes kernel panic on QEMU 7.2/8.0 (amd64) new major helenos/unspecified
#865 TCP is much slower than expected new major helenos/unspecified
#866 console input freezes on ia64/ski after GCC upgrade new major 0.14.2 helenos/kernel/ia64
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