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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#281 printf functions are overserialized new enhancement major
#443 IPC hangup should awaken blocked clients new Jakub Jermář defect major
#464 FPU preserved registers not preserved across fibril switches new Jakub Jermář defect major
#494 Need abortable async_get_call() variant new Jakub Jermář enhancement major
#496 Provide library implementations for common CRC's new enhancement major
#508 Parallel sessions don't mix well with call forwarding new Jakub Jermář defect major
#9 Current fibril model can confuse kernel's view on threads new Jakub Jermář enhancement minor
#309 async_data_read_finalize returns EOK even with NULL data and nonzero size new Jakub Jermář defect minor
#581 strftime depends on fringe standard behavior for UTF-8 correctness new Jakub Jermář defect minor
#582 printf() is unnecessarily non-standard in some cases new Jakub Jermář defect minor
#819 Async hangs up twice accepted Jiri Svoboda defect minor
#620 Make proper unit tests from tester/print tests new Jakub Jermář enhancement trivial
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