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#64 Detect devices by traversing the kernel device tree starting at root and proceed towards leaves enhancement major helenos/kernel/genarch
#112 creates seemingly large image with insufficient space defect major 0.4.2 helenos/unspecified
#145 Task snapshoting in HelenOS Tomas Brambora enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#147 Security containers and access rights in HelenOS Štěpán Henek enhancement major 0.5.0 helenos/unspecified
#194 Driver for AMD Lance network card clone enhancement major helenos/net/other
#225 After merge measuring branch to mainline top echoes weird load Martin Decky defect major 0.4.3 helenos/unspecified
#437 Port of some common development tools and compilers and libraries to HelenOS technix enhancement major 0.5.0 helenos/unspecified
#513 Porting Emacs Editor to HelenOS bluesky enhancement major helenos/app/other
#617 gta02: CHT stress test failed Jiri Svoboda defect major helenos/kernel/arm32
#632 Missing libsoftfloat functions affecting Coastline matrix defect major helenos/lib/softfloat
#642 CHT test sometimes hangs in cht_destroy() Jakub Jermář defect major helenos/kernel/generic
#643 Kernel panic on ASSERT(ret == make_link(&sentinel, N_INVALID) || (N_NORMAL == get_mark(ret))) Jakub Jermář defect major helenos/kernel/generic
#652 Graphics stack (GUI) improvements Jiri Svoboda enhancement major helenos/gui
#653 Advanced shell scripting in Bdsh enhancement major helenos/app/bdsh
#715 Pcut requires the use of Yoda comparisons enhancement major helenos/unspecified
#762 cht kernel test hangs on MSIM Jakub Jermář defect major 0.8.0 helenos/kernel/generic
#14 Implement register-only ipc_wait_for Jakub Jermář enhancement minor helenos/kernel/generic
#22 FAT file names should be lower-case Martin Decky enhancement minor 0.4.1 helenos/unspecified
#30 Investigate possibility of using unlikely(), likely() Martin Decky enhancement minor helenos/kernel/generic
#246 Make working directory a per-thread property enhancement minor helenos/lib/c
#271 Fibril rwlocks read/write lock switch Jakub Jermář enhancement minor 0.7.0 helenos/lib/c
#29 Unify infinite lops Martin Decky enhancement trivial helenos/unspecified
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