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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#25 VIA-CUDA keyboard driver is incomplete and missing in user space Jiri Svoboda enhancement major mainline fixed
#109 After switching to bzr, revision number is not displayed defect major mainline fixed
#112 creates seemingly large image with insufficient space defect major mainline wontfix
#121 Parallel build does not work defect major mainline fixed
#123 suspected to present phantom clusters defect major mainline worksforme
#125 Automated building of distribution files enhancement major mainline duplicate
#128 FAT file system creator enhancement major mainline fixed
#131 Task memory dumps enhancement major mainline fixed
#135 Editor forgets the last line except the first column defect major mainline fixed
#137 Only one udebug session is possible, subsequent attempts fail. Jiri Svoboda defect major mainline fixed
#161 Machine target bgxemul does not build defect major mainline fixed
#179 Cannot write data to FAT (ENOSPC) defect major mainline fixed
#47 Mouse driver Jiri Svoboda enhancement minor mainline fixed
#71 Stack walkers Jakub Jermář enhancement minor mainline fixed
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