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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#186 Networking framework does not support parallel build defect critical helenos/unspecified mainline
#218 Kernel panic on invalid phone hang-up defect critical helenos/kernel/generic mainline
#227 HelenOS sometimes hard hangs shortly after boot Jakub Jermář defect critical helenos/kernel/ia32 mainline
#241 ia32 won't boot if there is 2 GB physical memory or more defect critical helenos/kernel/generic mainline
#242 ia64 boot missing defect critical helenos/boot/ia64 mainline
#102 Improved support for concurrent IPC requests enhancement major helenos/lib/c mainline
#108 Building of release files should be automated Jiri Svoboda enhancement major helenos-build mainline
#124 Hands-off configure/build enhancement major helenos-build mainline
#134 Support for Neo FreeRunner Jiri Svoboda enhancement major helenos/kernel/arm32 mainline
#141 ATAPI optical drive support Jiri Svoboda enhancement major helenos/unspecified mainline
#144 Device drivers interface in HelenOS system enhancement major helenos/unspecified mainline
#155 Need a way to determine symbol name from an address enhancement major helenos/lib/c mainline
#176 ppc32 incremental build does not update boot defect major helenos-build mainline
#183 Userspace heap allocator is not thread safe defect major helenos/lib/c mainline
#187 Driver for NE2000 network card clone enhancement major helenos/net/other mainline
#200 C streams need read buffering defect major helenos/unspecified mainline
#206 nettest1 hangs on sparc64 defect major helenos/net/other mainline
#208 Keyboard in console not working when running in VMware defect major helenos/srv/kbd mainline
#210 Newer Qemu breaks Integrator/CP support defect major helenos/kernel/arm32 mainline
#213 sun4v not booting on a real Sun Fire T1000 Enterprise defect major helenos/kernel/sparc64 mainline
#214 Need a command to kill an arbitrary running task enhancement major helenos/app/other mainline
#222 CPU cycle needs to be sampled in waitq_sleep_timeout_unsafe() too defect major helenos/kernel/generic mainline
#223 fb crashes if mouse moves during start up defect major helenos/srv/fb mainline
#226 Assertion failed (missed_clock_ticks == 0) defect major helenos/kernel/sparc64 mainline
#228 CPU lock taken when interrupts are enabled defect major helenos/kernel/generic mainline
#229 ipc_wait_for_call() violates the answerbox and task locking order defect major helenos/kernel/generic mainline
#230 Mutexes taken when spinlocks held defect major helenos/kernel/generic mainline
#232 thread_update_accounting() asserts locking policy which is not adhered to defect major helenos/kernel/generic mainline
#233 kbox_proc_phone_hungup() holds spinlocks while taking a mutex defect major helenos/kernel/generic mainline
#234 make_magcache() uses blocking malloc() while holding slab_cache_lock spinlock defect major helenos/kernel/generic mainline
#235 ddi_parea_* functions use blocking btree_* interfaces while holding parea_spinlock defect major helenos/kernel/generic mainline
#236 sysinfo functions call blocking slab_alloc() while holding sysinfo_lock spinlock defect major helenos/kernel/generic mainline
#238 Mainline revision 365 broke HelenOS/arm32 on IntegratorCP defect major helenos/kernel/arm32 mainline
#239 page_ht_lock mutex taken while tlblock spinlock held defect major helenos/kernel/generic mainline
#240 Zone bound computation in init_e820_memory() is incorrect defect major helenos/kernel/ia32 mainline
#244 Exiting thread causes Udebug begin to block forever Jiri Svoboda defect major helenos/unspecified mainline
#245 Forgotten error handling in vfs_open. defect major helenos/srv/vfs mainline
#247 Early kernel debugging enhancement major helenos/unspecified mainline
#250 write operation slows down gradually when writing large amount of data. defect major helenos/fs/fat mainline
#251 FAT driver somehow limits multiple access to a file defect major helenos/fs/fat mainline
#253 NS wait_for_task references NULL pointer. defect major helenos/srv/ns mainline
#255 Assertion failed (firstc >= FAT_CLST_FIRST && firstc < FAT_CLST_BAD) at 'fat_fat.c', line 515 Jakub Jermář defect major helenos/fs/fat mainline
#257 Regression in TCP defect major helenos/net/tcp
#258 Regression in UDP defect major helenos/net/udp
#260 Booting process sometimes gets stuck while starting shells on VCs Jiri Svoboda defect major helenos/fs/fat mainline
#261 After devman is run, dp8390 gets killed while reading from an I/O port defect major helenos/kernel/ia32
#267 HelenOS/integratorcp crashes defect major helenos/kernel/arm32
#274 Accessing devman devices using devmap handles does not work Vojtech Horky defect major helenos/srv/devman
#275 Default sparc64/ultra build grows out of the OBP identity mapped region at 8K-10M Jakub Jermář defect major helenos/boot/sparc64
#277 Socket client cannot tell the other side closed the connection defect major helenos/net/socket
#282 VFS should associate the table of open files with the client task rather than with one of its phones Jakub Jermář defect major helenos/srv/vfs
#283 The kernel should sign each call by the senders ID defect major helenos/kernel/generic
#284 Parallel build sometimes fails because generic/adt/list.o does not exist defect major helenos-build
#286 avltree_walk on an empty tree causes NULL pointer dereference defect major helenos/kernel/generic mainline
#288 fat crashes on assert(idxp->pfc) in fat_node_get_core() Jakub Jermář defect major helenos/fs/fat
#290 Infrequent hang of loaders while reading from fat during startup Jakub Jermář defect major helenos/fs/fat
#295 DDF should support multifunction devices Jiri Svoboda enhancement major helenos/srv/devman
#302 GTA02 touchscreen does not work defect major helenos/unspecified
#321 Could not unmount FAT after `mv` Jakub Jermář defect major helenos/srv/vfs
#322 `cp` seems to produce a corrupted copy on a non-root fat Jakub Jermář defect major helenos/app/bdsh
#323 Source of unsuccessful `mv` has zero size after re-mount Jakub Jermář defect major helenos/lib/fs
#31 Revision of panics Martin Decky enhancement minor helenos/unspecified mainline
#237 Sysinfo syscalls can loop forever Martin Decky defect minor helenos/unspecified mainline
#263 TCP uses EPARTY inappropriately defect minor helenos/net/tcp
#264 ns8250 uses EPARTY inappropriately defect minor helenos/drv/ns8250
#265 pciintel uses EPARTY inappropriately defect minor helenos/drv/pciintel
#272 Need fibril_{mutex,rwlock_read,rwlock_write}_locked() Jakub Jermář enhancement minor helenos/lib/c

Resolution: wontfix (1 match)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#225 After merge measuring branch to mainline top echoes weird load Martin Decky defect major helenos/unspecified mainline

Resolution: duplicate (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#130 Self replication enhancement major helenos/unspecified mainline
#256 Assertion failed (idxp->pfc) at file 'fat_ops.c', line 295. defect major helenos/fs/fat mainline

Resolution: worksforme (6 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#211 Time sometimes appears to stop on mips32 defect critical helenos/kernel/mips32 mainline
#105 HelenOS/ppc32 non-debug does not boot (in Qemu) defect major helenos/kernel/ppc32 mainline
#219 kernel panic on amd64 defect major helenos/unspecified mainline
#220 Unexpected FPU exception in top utility defect major helenos/kernel/ia32 mainline
#224 Kernel crashed in clock() defect major helenos/kernel/generic mainline
#254 Improve IPC terminology enhancement minor helenos/unspecified mainline

Resolution: notadefect (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#204 Running nettest1 and nettest2 tests repeatedly will give worse and worse results defect major helenos/net/other mainline
#266 The device framework should detect that the system does not have PCI bus defect major helenos/drv/pciintel
#287 Deleting an empty directory fails (TMPFS) defect major helenos/fs/tmpfs mainline
#69 i8042 CPU reset fails miserably in SMP configurations defect minor helenos/kernel/genarch mainline

Resolution: deferred (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#146 Modern operating system without MMU enhancement major helenos/unspecified mainline
#178 ADB drivers are buggy in PearPC defect minor helenos/unspecified mainline
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