HelenOS ported to Neo FreeRunner smartphone

During the just concluded HelenOS Camp 2010, Jiri Svoboda managed to get HelenOS running on the Neo FreeRunner smart phone. In doing so, Jiri discovered and fixed several hard to find occurrences of instruction sequences that the ARM architecture treats as unpredictable. Unsurprisingly, these were caught by the attempt to run HelenOS on the real ARM hardware, which is much more sensitive to undefined behavior than any of the two simulators we have been using so far. At the moment, the port is lacking some way of input, but other than that, it is on par with the other HelenOS ports. Of course, one can't make phone calls from it, but as soon as we have some input driver, it will be possible to ping localhost, play tetris or do all the other stuff that people can do with HelenOS.