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Diff Rev Age Author Log Message
(edit) @mainline,2698   3 days jakub Deduplicate multiboot cmdline parsing code
(edit) @mainline,2697   3 days jakub Support boot_args also for multiboot2 boots
(edit) @mainline,2696   8 days jiri Fix fat32 EBPB packing. Fix 32-bit FAT BS being detected as MBR. Fix …
(edit) @mainline,2695   10 days jiri VBD needs to empty a newly created partition before exposing it to the …
(edit) @mainline,2694   12 days martin use the .incbin directive instead of marshalling the data manually …
(edit) @mainline,2693   13 days jiri ExFAT volume label support.
(edit) @mainline,2692   13 days jiri One function to compute the number of code units in a UTF-16 …
(edit) @mainline,2691   2 weeks jiri Revert accidental change.
(edit) @mainline,2690   2 weeks jiri Fix sysinst.
(edit) @mainline,2689   2 weeks jiri Fix CDFS unaligned memory access when decoding Joliet file names.
(edit) @mainline,2688   3 weeks jiri Update bzrignore.
(edit) @mainline,2687   3 weeks jiri Revert inadvertend change to init.
(edit) @mainline,2686   3 weeks jiri Fdisk should be able to set volume label for newly created partitions.
(edit) @mainline,2685   3 weeks jiri Fdisk should print volume labels.
(edit) @mainline,2684   3 weeks jiri Improve mkfat option parsing.
(edit) @mainline,2683   3 weeks jiri mkfat sets filesystem type field to invalid value for FAT12/16.
(edit) @mainline,2682   3 weeks jiri Fix FAT size computation for auto-detected FAT32.
(edit) @mainline,2681   3 weeks jiri mkfat needs to be able to set the volume label. fat FS should ignore …
(edit) @mainline,2680   4 weeks jakub Improve cstyle
(edit) @mainline,2679   4 weeks jiri FAT decoding of volume label.
(edit) @mainline,2678   4 weeks jiri Remove remaining differences between kernel and user lists.
(edit) @mainline,2677   4 weeks jiri Reduce divergence between kernel and libc versions of adt/list.h
(edit) @mainline,2676   4 weeks jiri Avoid misinterpreting FAT boot record as MBR.
(edit) @mainline,2675   5 weeks jiri Add unit tests for liblabel.
(edit) @mainline,2674   5 weeks jiri Break liblabel dependency on libblock.
(edit) @mainline,2673   5 weeks jiri ASSERT → assert
(edit) @mainline,2672   6 weeks jakub Remove sys/typefmt.h
(edit) @mainline,2671   6 weeks jakub Move fourcc_t to fourcc.h
(edit) @mainline,2670   6 weeks jakub Move the unaligned types into unaligned.h
(edit) @mainline,2669   6 weeks jakub Fix copyright
(edit) @mainline,2668   6 weeks jakub Move off64_t and aoff64_t into offset.h
(edit) @mainline,2667   7 weeks martin riscv64: fix compilation
(edit) @mainline,2666   7 weeks martin build initrd also for the targets that use GRUB
(edit) @mainline,2665   7 weeks martin replace objcopy with (objcopy is notoriously problematic …
(edit) @mainline,2664   7 weeks martin add support for custom sections
(edit) @mainline,2663   7 weeks martin cstyle
(edit) @mainline,2662   7 weeks martin cstyle
(edit) @mainline,2661   7 weeks jakub Use -ffunction-sections and —gc-sections This change results in vast …
(edit) @mainline,2660   7 weeks jiri Clear up stdint vs stddef in boot, missing includes, etc.
(edit) @mainline,2659   7 weeks jiri Boot should define bool in stdbool.h
(edit) @mainline,2658   7 weeks martin boot: rename typedefs.h to stddef.h
(edit) @mainline,2657   7 weeks martin cstyle
(edit) @mainline,2656   7 weeks jiri Add support for libhound and libpcm to helenos-pkg-config.
(edit) @mainline,2655   7 weeks martin improve binary data packer * optional deflate compression * …
(edit) @mainline,2654   7 weeks martin cstyle
(edit) @mainline,2653   7 weeks martin cstyle
(edit) @mainline,2652   7 weeks martin cstyle
(edit) @mainline,2651   8 weeks jiri Headers should declare their dependencies.
(edit) @mainline,2650   8 weeks jiri Fix abs32 build.
(edit) @mainline,2649   8 weeks jiri Replace usage of typedefs.h with includes of more specific, standard …
(edit) @mainline,2648   8 weeks jiri memxxx functions should be provided in the kernel via the same header …
(edit) @mainline,2647   8 weeks jiri Kernel should have stddef.h
(edit) @mainline,2646   8 weeks jiri Kernel should have stdbool.h.
(edit) @mainline,2645   8 weeks jiri stdbool.h should not include libarch/types.h
(edit) @mainline,2644   8 weeks vojtechhorky libposix: add sleep() function (needed by GCC)
(edit) @mainline,2643   8 weeks vojtechhorky Fix dependencies for libposix collision list
(edit) @mainline,2642   8 weeks jiri Fibrils need sleep, too.
(edit) @mainline,2641   8 weeks jakub Use designated initializers for syscall_table
(edit) @mainline,2640   8 weeks jakub Fix comments wrt. CAP_ vs. PERM_
(edit) @mainline,2639   8 weeks jiri Fix doxygen copy-and-pasto.
(edit) @mainline,2638   8 weeks jiri qsort() compliant with C standard.
(edit) @mainline,2637   8 weeks jakub Rename SYS_CAP_GRANT/REVOKE to SYS_PERM_GRANT/REVOKE
(edit) @mainline,2636   8 weeks jakub fseek() shall take long and ftell() shall return long
(edit) @mainline,2635   8 weeks jakub Fix header guard
(edit) @mainline,2634   8 weeks jakub Remove unused dummy header
(edit) @mainline,2633   2 months jiri C library should continue to provide C standard rename() and remove().
(edit) @mainline,2632   2 months jiri libc should provide limits.h from the C std. Here's a first crude …
(edit) @mainline,2631   2 months martin disable implicit make rules (we do not build a native application, …
(edit) @mainline,2630   2 months jakub Use proper sizes for buffers holding conversions from/to UTF-16 LFN's …
(edit) @mainline,2629   2 months martin generate inlined binary data via assembler this is much faster and …
(edit) @mainline,2628   2 months martin unify quotation
(edit) @mainline,2627   2 months jakub VFS_OUT_MOUNTED does not need to return the link count
(edit) @mainline,2626   2 months jakub Be consistent when answering VFS_OUT_LOOKUP
(edit) @mainline,2625   2 months jakub fat_service_get() should return the actual service_id
(edit) @mainline,2624   2 months jiri Fix CDFS failing to mount.
(edit) @mainline,2623   2 months jakub Further reduce the number of inclusions of sys/types.h
(edit) @mainline,2622   2 months jakub Remove stricmp()
(edit) @mainline,2621   2 months jakub Revert cluster allocation only if clusters were allocated
(edit) @mainline,2620   2 months jiri CDFS decoding of volume label.
(edit) @mainline,2619   2 months jakub Reduce the number of files that include <sys/types.h>
(edit) @mainline,2618   2 months jakub Merge fixes and improvements
(edit) @mainline,2617   2 months jiri Probing for ExFAT, Ext4 and CDFS.
(edit) @mainline,2616   2 months jiri Restructure ext4 filesystem opening/closing.
(edit) @mainline,2615   2 months jiri Adjust prefixes ext4fs → ext4 after moving code.
(edit) @mainline,2614   2 months jiri Move parts of ext4 filesystem initialization.
(edit) @mainline,2613   3 months jiri Simplify header guards.
(edit) @mainline,2612   3 months jiri The division of ext4 into fs and lib is arbitrary, preventing improvement.
(edit) @mainline,2611   3 months jiri Libext4 should try to include what it uses.
(edit) @mainline,2610   3 months jiri Libext4 went the wrong direction with filename prefixing.
(edit) @mainline,2609   3 months jiri Ext4 should check for sanity before modifying the superblock.
(edit) @mainline,2608   3 months jiri File system probing groundwork. Only MFS can do it for now.
(edit) @mainline,2607   3 months jakub Remove unistd.h - Rename usleep() and sleep() to thread_usleep() and …
(edit) @mainline,2606   3 months jakub Match 'console' without length limit
(edit) @mainline,2605   3 months jakub Allow building only toolchains needed for developing HelenOS Use …
(edit) @mainline,2604   3 months jiri Mount should be able to print the list of available file system types.
(edit) @mainline,2603   3 months martin cstyle
(edit) @mainline,2602   3 months martin bump to GCC 7.1, binutils 2.28 (both now include upstream support for …
(edit) @mainline,2601   3 months martin cstyle
(edit) @mainline,2600   3 months martin make sure the architecture can set up required assembler directives …
(edit) @mainline,2599   3 months martin suppress dynamic linker warnings
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