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20:35 Changeset [mainline,2807] by jzr <zarevucky.jiri@…>
Unify offset ranges in update_damaged_region.
20:25 Changeset [mainline,2806] by jzr <zarevucky.jiri@…>
Create the missing empty directories.
16:32 Changeset [mainline,2805] by jzr <zarevucky.jiri@…>
Rename <sys/types.h> to <types/common.h>


20:47 Changeset [mainline,2804] by jzr <zarevucky.jiri@…>
Add <sys/types.h> as a wrapper for <libarch/types.h>, and eliminate …
20:45 Changeset [mainline,2803] by jzr <zarevucky.jiri@…>
Eliminate direct references to <libarch/inttypes.h>.
18:58 Changeset [mainline,2802] by jzr <zarevucky.jiri@…>
Kill U/INTN_C(). It's only used in one place and its practical …
18:21 Changeset [mainline,2801] by jzr <zarevucky.jiri@…>
Add PRI*PTR macros and correct a few printfs.
15:34 Changeset [mainline,2800] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
Allow caps_task_alloc() to fail
08:57 Ticket #697 (Kernel console is painfully slow on Freerunner) created by Jiri Svoboda
As of mainline,2797, kernel console is running really slow on Neo …
06:51 Changeset [mainline,2799] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
hw_res_enable_interrupt should allow enabling individual interrupts.
06:34 Changeset [mainline,2798] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Eliminate remaining cases of drivers directly calling …


22:25 Ticket #671 (Allow arbitrary number of phones per task) closed by Jakub Jermář
fixed: Fixed in mainline,2797.
22:18 Changeset [mainline,2797] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
Allow virtually unlimited number of capabilities per task
21:01 Changeset [mainline,2796] by jzr <zarevucky.jiri@…>
Remove duplicated label.
21:00 Changeset [mainline,2795] by jzr <zarevucky.jiri@…>
Fix all copypasted include guard typos.
20:03 Changeset [mainline,2794] by jzr <zarevucky.jiri@…>
Change amd64 target to amd64-unknown-elf. This fixes clang build on amd64.
19:10 Changeset [mainline,2793] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
Resource arenas should be destructible
18:17 Changeset [mainline,2792] by jzr <zarevucky.jiri@…>
Remove the unmaintained and likely broken ICC support.
15:46 Changeset [mainline,2791] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
Remove unused enums
15:34 Changeset [mainline,2790] by jzr <zarevucky.jiri@…>
Change to install into target-specific directory.
15:33 Changeset [mainline,2789] by jzr <zarevucky.jiri@…>
Allow the cross-compiler toolchain path to be prefixed with full …
15:03 Ticket #695 (e1000_link_restart() needs to be double-checked/tested) closed by Jiří Zárevúcky
fixed: The original author (Zdenek Bouska) says the fix seems all right. …


20:55 Changeset [mainline,2788] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Sort out irc_disable_interrupt vs irc_clear_interrupt.
20:42 Changeset [mainline,2787] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Must not explicitly close DDF-provided parent session.
20:34 Changeset [mainline,2786] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Remove unnecessary references to devman.
20:17 Changeset [mainline,2785] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Make it simpler to get parent function session repeatedly without …
19:37 Changeset [mainline,2784] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
Replace the old hash table implementation in the kernel with the newer …


20:03 Ticket #696 (Three character device interfaces is a crowd) created by Jiri Svoboda
Currently there are three different character device interfaces in use …


19:09 Changeset [mainline,2783] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Merge CUDA DDF conversion.
18:34 Changeset [mainline,2782] by jzr <zarevucky.jiri@…> For clang, improve error messages and remove check for …
18:00 Changeset [mainline,2760.1.3] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
CUDA driver should use hw_res to obtain HW configuration.
07:49 Changeset [mainline,2781] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Kfb should unmap the frame buffer when client connection is terminated.
07:34 Changeset [mainline,2780] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Kfb should not map the frame buffer until it is claimed.
07:07 Changeset [mainline,2779] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
There is a good reason why there should be no default branch.


22:14 Changeset [mainline,2778] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Restore CDFS definition of primary volume descriptor, with properly …
21:53 Changeset [mainline,2777] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Provide flag conversion.
18:46 Changeset [mainline,2776] by jzr <zarevucky.jiri@…>
Attempt to fix e1000_link_restart(). My understanding of the driver …
18:29 Changeset [mainline,2775] by jzr <zarevucky.jiri@…>
CDFS has structure fields after a field of variable length. This is …
18:27 Changeset [mainline,2774] by jzr <zarevucky.jiri@…>
Remove some color-related dead code.
18:25 Changeset [mainline,2773] by jzr <zarevucky.jiri@…>
Fix several bugs and typos detected by clang.
18:22 Changeset [mainline,2772] by jzr <zarevucky.jiri@…>
pcnt is unsigned, so it can't be used this way. Detected by clang.
18:17 Changeset [mainline,2771] by jzr <zarevucky.jiri@…>
Change forgotten GCC_CFLAGS in ia64 to COMMON_CFLAGS, for consistency.
18:13 Changeset [mainline,2770] by jzr <zarevucky.jiri@…>
Rename rtl8139_hw_int_enable() to rtl8139_hw_int_set(), since it's …
18:02 Changeset [mainline,2769] by jzr <zarevucky.jiri@…>
Fix a couple of benign clang warnings. No change in semantics.
17:39 Changeset [mainline,2760.1.2] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Convert CUDA driver to DDF.
17:26 Changeset [mainline,2768] by jzr <zarevucky.jiri@…>
Print the tetris copyright.
17:25 Changeset [mainline,2767] by jzr <zarevucky.jiri@…>
Adjust clang arguments.


18:12 Changeset [mainline,2766] by jzr <zarevucky.jiri@…>
Unify compiler handling a bit. Most compiler flags have been changed …
16:54 Changeset [mainline,2765] by jzr <zarevucky.jiri@…> enable gold linker, disable guile support, only touch …
16:18 Changeset [mainline,2764] by jzr <zarevucky.jiri@…>
Recreate empty directories that aren't preserved in git.
16:04 Changeset [mainline,2763] by jzr <zarevucky.jiri@…>
Remove CONFIG_OPTIMIZE_FOR_SIZE and instead directly set OPTIMIZATION …


23:05 Changeset [mainline,2762] by jzr <zarevucky.jiri@…>
Revert previous commit. Looks like this was already fixed in the meantime.
22:54 Changeset [mainline,2761] by jzr <zarevucky.jiri@…>
Fix return of uninitialized variable.
21:07 Changeset [mainline,2760.1.1] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Rename CUDA types, soft state is the basic one.
20:52 Changeset [mainline,2760] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Eliminate global variables in CUDA driver.
20:13 Changeset [mainline,2759] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Move CUDA hw-related definitions to a separate header file.


18:52 Changeset [mainline,2758] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
Let the resource allocator treat 0 as a valid resource
06:43 Ticket #686 (IRQ pseudo code registration/deregistration broken) closed by Jakub Jermář
fixed: Fix merged in mainline,2757.
06:29 Changeset [mainline,2757] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
Merge support for capabilities from lp:~jakub/helenos/caps This …


22:56 Changeset [mainline,2699.1.29] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
Add comments
11:08 Ticket #602 (Cannot download a 1M file from HelenOS over http/tcp.) closed by Jiri Svoboda
fixed: Fixed in mainline,2756 by having separate receive and …


22:08 Changeset [mainline,2699.1.28] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
Introduce reference-counted kobjects Capabilities are thus reduced to …
17:01 Changeset [mainline,2756] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Websrv cannot use global buffers to handle HTTP requests concurrently.
16:07 Ticket #695 (e1000_link_restart() needs to be double-checked/tested) created by Jiří Zárevúcky
In uspace/drv/nic/e1k/e1k.c, said function unconditionally calls …
14:23 Ticket #546 (Some DNS lookups fail) closed by Martin Decky
fixed: Yes, I confirm that it works fine now. I consider this ticket fixed.


22:40 Changeset [mainline,2755] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Name service should communicate using async.h.


21:03 Changeset [mainline,2699.1.27] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
Do not return undefined value


20:51 Changeset [mainline,2754] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Move clipboard under location service.
19:41 Changeset [mainline,2753] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Fix handling of empty table cells.


23:05 UsersGuide/Networking edited by Jiri Svoboda
Update inet commands for changeset:mainline,2752 (diff)
22:20 Changeset [mainline,2752] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Separate display of addresses, static routes and IP links into …
11:41 Changeset [mainline,2751] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
No need to have a (broken) BSD errx() function in libc.


17:25 Changeset [mainline,2750] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Update and sort .bzrignore.
17:06 Changeset [mainline,2749] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
devctl list-drv can use io/table.
07:21 Changeset [mainline,2748] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Fix extraneous empty line printed after table.


16:13 Changeset [mainline,2747] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Add a module to format command output as a table.
00:02 Changeset [mainline,2746] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Most drivers can actually compile on most platforms.


19:59 Changeset [mainline,2699.1.26] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
Remove cap from type list when reclaiming
19:18 Changeset [mainline,2699.1.25] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
Rename caps_apply_to_all to caps_apply_to_type


20:52 Changeset [mainline,2699.1.24] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
Make all accesses to capabilites exclusive This commit makes sure …
06:38 Changeset [mainline,2745] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Remove stray backslash.


23:37 Changeset [mainline,2744] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
TCP tests for ucall module and some more for conn module. Implement …


22:25 Ticket #694 (Assembler warnings on sparc64/niagara) created by Jiří Zárevúcky
In kernel/arch/sparc64/src/sun4v/start.S […]
22:17 Ticket #693 (Assembler warnings on MIPS) created by Jiří Zárevúcky
In kernel/arch/mips32/src/start.S […] In {{{ …
21:55 Ticket #692 (Assembler warnings on IA64) created by Jiří Zárevúcky
In uspace/lib/c/arch/ia64/src/entry.S […] In …
19:34 Ticket #691 (xorriso doesn't support "-hfs") created by Jiří Zárevúcky
When building for ppc32: […]


13:22 Changeset [mainline,2743] by Martin Decky <martin@…>
cstyle, remove forgotten include directive


19:07 Ticket #690 (Invalid instruction in amd64 sin()/cos()) closed by Jakub Jermář
fixed: Fixed in mainline,2742.
19:06 Changeset [mainline,2742] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
Do not irritate the assembler by FSTPL %sp(1) When moving data …
15:01 Ticket #690 (Invalid instruction in amd64 sin()/cos()) created by Jiří Zárevúcky
uspace/lib/math/arch/amd64/src/sin.S (and cos.S), line 70 contains …


20:49 Changeset [mainline,2741] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Let df give 'human-readable' output by default. Use cap.h for better …
20:14 Changeset [mainline,2740] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Move capacity specification to libc.


19:27 Changeset [mainline,2739] by Vojtech Horky <vojtechhorky@…>
Include development files by default on ia32 and amd64 On these …
15:48 Changeset [mainline,2738] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Allow TCP conn tests that involve transferring data by enabling an …


17:43 Changeset [mainline,2737] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Connection can still be mapped when being deleted, must be unmapped …
16:34 Changeset [mainline,2736] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Fix downloader null pointer dereference when writing to stdout.
11:49 CodingTips edited by Jiri Svoboda
Add mandatory and recommended coding practices (diff)
11:19 CStyle edited by Jiri Svoboda
Add rationale (diff)
07:05 Changeset [mainline,2735] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Start adding tests for TCP conn module. Make sure all connections have …
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