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20:33 About edited by Martin Decky
fix typo (diff)
17:04 Changeset [mainline,2683] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
mkfat sets filesystem type field to invalid value for FAT12/16.
17:03 Changeset [mainline,2682] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Fix FAT size computation for auto-detected FAT32.
16:22 Changeset [mainline,2681] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
mkfat needs to be able to set the volume label. fat FS should ignore …


19:32 Changeset [mainline,2680] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
Improve cstyle
16:05 Changeset [mainline,2679] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
FAT decoding of volume label.


21:00 Camp2017 edited by Jakub Jermář
17:14 Changeset [mainline,2678] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Remove remaining differences between kernel and user lists.
16:52 Changeset [mainline,2677] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Reduce divergence between kernel and libc versions of adt/list.h
16:32 Changeset [mainline,2676] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Avoid misinterpreting FAT boot record as MBR.


18:20 Changeset [mainline,2675] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Add unit tests for liblabel.


12:59 Ticket #684 (bdsh completion does not match reality) created by Jiri Svoboda
Entering the name of a command that resides in the CWD that is not in …


17:34 Changeset [mainline,2674] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Break liblabel dependency on libblock.
06:19 Camp2017 created by Jakub Jermář
06:13 Camps edited by Jakub Jermář


21:47 Changeset [mainline,2673] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
ASSERT → assert


10:06 Changeset [mainline,2672] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
Remove sys/typefmt.h
09:34 FAQ edited by Jakub Jermář


21:47 Changeset [mainline,2671] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
Move fourcc_t to fourcc.h
21:39 Changeset [mainline,2670] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
Move the unaligned types into unaligned.h
21:35 Changeset [mainline,2669] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
Fix copyright
21:26 Changeset [mainline,2668] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
Move off64_t and aoff64_t into offset.h


18:35 FAQ edited by Jakub Jermář


16:39 Changeset [mainline,2667] by Martin Decky <martin@…>
riscv64: fix compilation
16:11 Changeset [mainline,2666] by Martin Decky <martin@…>
build initrd also for the targets that use GRUB
15:39 Changeset [mainline,2665] by Martin Decky <martin@…>
replace objcopy with (objcopy is notoriously problematic …
15:11 Changeset [mainline,2664] by Martin Decky <martin@…>
add support for custom sections
12:07 Changeset [mainline,2663] by Martin Decky <martin@…>
12:03 Changeset [mainline,2662] by Martin Decky <martin@…>


16:21 Changeset [mainline,2661] by Jakub Jermar <jakub@…>
Use -ffunction-sections and —gc-sections This change results in vast …
14:23 Ticket #683 (Clang build broken) created by Jiri Svoboda
As of changeset:mainline,2660, trying to build (amd64 profile) with …


21:11 Changeset [mainline,2660] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Clear up stdint vs stddef in boot, missing includes, etc.
20:38 Changeset [mainline,2659] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Boot should define bool in stdbool.h
19:47 Changeset [mainline,2658] by Martin Decky <martin@…>
boot: rename typedefs.h to stddef.h
17:50 Changeset [mainline,2657] by Martin Decky <martin@…>


20:14 FAQ edited by Jakub Jermář


23:38 Changeset [mainline,2656] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Add support for libhound and libpcm to helenos-pkg-config.
20:06 Changeset [mainline,2655] by Martin Decky <martin@…>
improve binary data packer * optional deflate compression * …
16:36 Changeset [mainline,2654] by Martin Decky <martin@…>
15:48 Changeset [mainline,2653] by Martin Decky <martin@…>
15:41 Changeset [mainline,2652] by Martin Decky <martin@…>
09:36 Ticket #679 (Kernel should have stdbool.h and stddef.h) closed by Jiri Svoboda
08:22 Ticket #682 (C library should have a NO_TRACE macro) closed by Jiri Svoboda
worksforme: Should have looked better. There actually is a trace.h providing …
08:21 Ticket #680 (ABI headers are not self-contained) closed by Jiri Svoboda
fixed: changeset:mainline,2651
06:17 Changeset [mainline,2651] by Jiri Svoboda <jiri@…>
Headers should declare their dependencies.
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